Asking “why” is important, and while there may not always be a clear answer, you should never stop questioning.

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February 26, 2018

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My 12-year-old is a “why-er.”

“Why are we going here … why do I have to do this … why is it ‘just because you said so?’” he’ll ask, peering up at me with his glasses-framed, big brown eyes.

Answering all his whys gets frustrating – fast. And I even suggested that he slow down the relentless questioning and accept some things as truth.

At the recent AT&T Business Kickoff, I listened to leaders like AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan and AT&T Business CEO Thaddeus Arroyo not only outline our goals for the year – but also the why.

And then it hit me: My son was right.

Asking “why” is important, and while there may not always be a clear answer, you should never stop questioning.

A curious mind is a creative and innovative mind. The ability to ask the right questions can draw a line of clarity between scattered dots that, when connected, provide an “aha!” moment. When you’re asked to step-up and achieve more, and you understand the why behind it, you’re more likely to feel invested and engaged. You care.

At AT&T, we’ve got big goals. We’ve accepted the challenge to go further than ever before, to grow fast, and hit aggressive revenue targets. The why behind those targets may not be clear.

Why AT&T and Indirect Channels are Going Big: My 3 Take-A-Ways

AT&T anticipates an economic tailwind. Due to tax reform and a healthy economy, AT&T expects these tailwinds to bring investments, consumer confidence, job growth and more.

Why is this important? Because a perceived tailwind could give our partners more confidence to be more bullish in their investments in Indirect.

Trends are allowing new business models. We see six technology trends that are powering transformation and informing our strategy: mobility, IoT, cloud, data and artificial intelligence, software proliferation and security. These trends are disrupting industries completely.

Why does this matter? Because our partners tell us they want these solutions to help their businesses stand out in the marketplace, propelling their growth. And when they are successful, we are successful.

Indirect is center stage. Indirect is more than a focus for AT&T; it is a fundamental piece of the growth and transformation of the company. At kickoff, Thaddeus Arroyo said he expects the Indirect Channel to grow exponentially.

Why should we care? Because this means that Indirect Channels are at the center of AT&T’s broader transformation strategy. This is a tremendous privilege and responsibility. We must deliver at the highest level.

At Kickoff, John Donovan said, “Reach deep this year and take it personal. Changing the world is never easy and we are changing it.”

By the way, when I got home from kickoff – inspired and revved-up with a bag full of Whys to take on the challenges of 2018 – I told my son, “Keep asking questions – they’re important. Never stop asking ‘why’ or seeking to understand.”

Zee Hussain is Channel Chief,  AT&T Partner Solutions, AT&T Business.

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