The “B” Stands for Boring: Why You Should Rethink B2B Marketing in 2018

Pax8's VP of Marketing has five tips to set your brand apart from your competitors.

November 13, 2017

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It's often been said that forewarned is forearmed Nowhere is that more true than in IT At the Gartner SymposiumITxpo 2015 this week in Orlando David

By Don Jeter

B2B marketing is boring. There, I said it. Want to cut through the noise? Stop with all the boring marketing. 

You have two seconds (if that) to capture someone’s attention. Your boring banner ads, politically correct copy, and stale social media content (if you are even engaged) will not cut through all the noise that is 2017.

 In today’s market, you are not competing with your competitors as much as you are competing with your buyer’s indifference

1. Stop Thinking in B2B Terms  

Somewhere along the line we forgot that businesses are comprised of individuals. People are making the buying decision, not businesses. When you are marketing, think like a person, not a business.

2. Be human

Make stuff other humans would like. Let data help support your decisions, but don’t let all these computers and data get in the way of your human instincts.

3. Make Cool Stuff

Seth Godin says, “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” You want to capture people’s attention? Make cool stuff that people can’t ignore. Next.

4. Buzz Words Don’t Create Buzz

So, you’re telling me you leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning via APIs to connect back to the internet of things to make data driven decisions and automate your client services? You must be a REAL data scientist! So Disruptive!  

Seriously, nobody understands any of this junk, especially your customers. If you want to create buzz, lead with simple messaging that enables your customers to easily articulate your value proposition. Let your customers share your messaging, not your industry jargon.

5. Internal Marketing is MORE Important than external marketing

Brand advocacy starts with your employees. Internal indifference is dangerous. If your employees aren’t excited about your brand, your customers never will be. Your internal marketing should drive the culture and excitement from the inside out.

6. Keep it short

No seriously, nobody is paying attention in 2017. Less words, more pictures, and preferably, more explosions.



That’s it. I dare you to go make cool stuff.

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