If you’ve been selling Office 365 as a Microsoft Advisor, we hope you’ve started shopping around for a new program.

June 15, 2016

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New Tool Helps Advisors Make Quick Switch to CSP

If you’ve been selling Office 365 as a Microsoft Advisor, we hope you’ve started shopping around for a new program. As we told you in a previous blog, Microsoft has literally slashed the margins you can earn as a Partner of Record (POR). Commissions under the Advisor program have dropped from 23% to 15% in the first year and from 4% to 3% in the second year. Gone are the days when all you had to do was refer your Office 365 customers directly to Microsoft and wait for your commission.

So, what kind of revenue can you hope to earn now?  And what about all your Office 365 customers?  There’s no doubt about it. It’s time to transfer your clients to a better program. SherWeb has just developed a new tool that will make it easier for Advisors like you to transfer all your Office 365 clients to the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) and reap all the benefits it has to offer. Here’s how it works.

SherWeb’s Office 365 Import Tool has made everything automatic. At one time, resellers had to manually transfer profile information, services, plans and contract renewal dates for each client, one at a time. If you have hundreds of clients and thousands of seats, we’re talking a lot of hours. Not only does the new import tool streamline the transfer process, but it will automatically verify all your clients’ contract renewal dates and provision their new Office 365 subscription. And the best part of all? It won’t cost you a penny!

How to Import Your Office 365 Clients to CSP

1. Export your customer list in an Excel file from the Office 365 portal.

2. Once you’ve uploaded the CSV file in the import tool, you’ll see a complete list of your customers displayed in one single pane, including the organization name, license information and plans, as shown below.


3. Then, you can start transferring each organization to SherWeb. The entire customer profile will be created in our Partner Portal.

4. The customer must approve the transfer, but we’ve made it easy for you by creating an option that will send approval request to your client.


 What You’ll Get from the CSP

You might be wondering: What’s so great about the CSP program? Here’s the thing. Transferring your Office 365 POR customers to CSP lets you run your own show. You can package your offers any way you want, and there’s no middleman like Microsoft to get in the way. This means you can bundle Office 365 with your own solutions. And, by teaming up with an Office 365 distributor like SherWeb, you can do all this without the heavy lifting! No need to be a migration or support expert. Simply rely on our professional partner support or use our white-label end-customer services to your advantage. Become an Office 365 CSP expert overnight!

All you have to do is register today and try it for yourself. You can transfer your existing clients automatically for free and without any commitment.


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