Live Blog: Sapphire Now, SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe on HANA in the Enterprise

SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe discussed how enterprises are capitalizing on technology innovation in cloud, mobile, and in-memory computing, specifically SAP HANA --the company's in-memory computing technology.

CJ Arlotta, Associate Editor

May 15, 2013

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SAP coCEO Jim Hagemann Snabe offered insights on how enterprises are capitalizing on technology innovation in cloud mobile and inmemory computing as
SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe offered insights on how enterprises are capitalizing on technology innovation in cloud, mobile, and in-memory computing, as well as SAP HANA.

Day two of SAP (NYSE: SAP) Sapphire Now is bringing more discussion around SAP HANA — the company’s in-memory computing technology and topic of conversation during the majority of yesterday‘s keynote speeches. SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe’s keynote presentation focuses on how enterprises are capitalizing on technology innovation in cloud, mobile, and in-memory computing, specifically SAP HANA.  Keep following The VAR Guy for real-time updates.

Keynote speaker: Jim Hagemann Snabe, co-CEO and member of the executive board of SAP AG:

  • What Sapphire Now symbolizes to Snabe: Sapphire symbolizes truth, sincerity, and truthfulness of relationships;

  • On competition: The rules in nature are simple: You are at the table eating or you’re on the table;

  • Big Data without HANA: Charles Darwin had to use his brain. You have to be better in natural selection. Most importantly, you have to be adaptable. Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection describes the rules of business, doesn’t it?;

  • “The running out of resources is going to be the biggest inhibitor for businesses and people everywhere. For the first time in history we can digitize products and services and we can digitize millions of businesses and billions of people. What an opportunity”;

  • Our business depends on innovation to win. Businesses need to have accurate data to make decisions, not inaccurate decisions;

  • Retail is digitizing the shopping experience. Retailers are becoming digital enterprises;

  • Healthcare: The most valuable resource in healthcare is the patient. Through advanced data analytics, how HANA partners can identify route causes of particular situations. The future of healthcare is not about curing diseases, it’s about preventing diseases”;

  • We decided to put all data in main memory. You need data from your business, but you need your competitors’ data as well. If you combine these two, you can create winning strategies.

  • “HANA is the biggest innovation in the last 20 years in business software.”

  • We have worked with more than 100 partners on the SAP Business Suite, but it is now open for general availability;

  • You can optimize your business in real-time and reduce consumption. We have a company that optimizes transportation. SAP HANA is the innovative platform that runs, optimizes, and innovates. 1,500 customers on SAP HANA now. SAP HANA is a quantum leap, and it will change the game for all companies;

  • The second quantum leap we promised was the cloud. Why? Speed is critical. In the digital era, fast kills slow. The complexity in IT kills IT departments;

  • Our innovation cycle is much higher in the cloud, and you get the benefit instantly. We are a leader in the cloud today. We have more than 29 million users in the cloud today. We have more than 9.8 billion SAP Jam subscribers. (Jam is SAP’s enterprise social network platform.) Imagine the opportunity we have here;

  • We’re working with the first 60 customers that have shown interest in the HANA Enterprise Cloud;

  • The third commitment from SAP is that we want to put all attention on people and user experience. The digital era is all about people, about empowering people. We want to empower people with real-time information; and

  • “We are committed to deliver the most exciting user experience in the industry.” Moving all data into main memory, moving all systems to the cloud, and enormous attention on the user. “Business evolves through innovation.”

Ron Dennis, executive chairman, McLaren Group

  • “We want to embrace any tool that could make us better.” Our business is driven by efficiencies. We want to be environmentally friendly. Technology is absolutely what we are about;

  • If HANA were a person, she would go down as one of the people changing the world;

  • HANA gives the ability to analyze, simulate, and predict; and

  • SAP HANA is simplistic, speedy, and fit to scale.

Rob Arbogast, director of organizational advancement, Timken

  • We stepped back to look what we wanted to accomplish. Talent is going to help us achieve our business goals. We chose SAP SuccessFactors because we were able to find talent and value.;

  • We will be able to bring together our ERP, HR system, finance systems, and global payroll; and

  • SAP created an app for our business within days.

Phil Greenwood, chief information officer, Nespresso

  • We are using SAP for our core application center. We were looking for something to support our B2B. We saw great opportunity with the SAP to deliver our vision;

  • Very fast delivery, and we’ve seen phases of the development of our SAP solution;

  • Six weeks from the product start to getting it out in the field with laptops; and

  • We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from our users.

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