As an MSP, you’re pulled in many different directions. In fact, the number of directions your company can grow in are exponential. But being all things to all people isn’t necessarily profitable. It’s time to refocus on your strengths.

August 7, 2015

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IT Nation: Refocus on Your Strengths to Increase Profitability

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As an MSP, you’re pulled in many different directions. In fact, the number of directions your company can grow in are exponential. But being all things to all people isn’t necessarily profitable. It’s time to refocus on your strengths.

The daily minutia of running a business requires your attention to be in 100 places at once. And if you’re constantly being pulled in every direction, your company’s focus areas could become arbitrary. Every service or product addition should be calculated and intentional.

Growth is good, but make sure you’re growing in a direction that makes sense for your company’s skill sets.

Matching demand with skill and interest is key.

If you want to get back in touch with the original spark that ignited your business success, you won’t want to miss IT Nation 2015—November 11-13 in sunny Orlando, Fla.

3 Ways to Start Refocusing on Your Core Competencies Today

Last year’s IT Nation theme was reinvention. Every company must evolve to stay relevant and profitable. But this year, we’re helping you refocus on your core business strengths so that you can maximize your profitability.

We want you to take stock of your services. What services are the most popular? What is your company’s primary focus? What activities give you the biggest return? In the quest for profitability, sometimes service pruning (or refocusing) is required.

You might be astounded to learn that a service that turned a 50% profit last year is now down to 20%. Or you might discover that certain services are no longer relevant to 95% of your customer base and simply aren’t worth the hassle of providing anymore.

Here are three steps to refocusing on your most profitable areas:

1. Develop Self-Awareness

As a business owner, you know what made your company successful. But as demands on you increase, it’s easy to lose focus. It’s easy to add services just for the sake of adding services. And it’s easy to turn a blind eye to legacy services that simply don’t make sense to offer anymore.

IT Nation 2015 has been strategically structured to help you refocus on what you’re best at.

By giving you a place to unplug from the daily distractions of running a business and giving you a guided approach to refining your business, this event empowers you to walk away with a firm understanding of what you need to do to increase your company’s profitability.

2. Tap In

It’s easy to get stuck in your own world. Instead of struggling alone, seek out those who have been through what you’re experiencing and can offer sound advice. With more than 2,500 technology solution providers in attendance, IT Nation is the ideal place to connect and collaborate with peers.

Meeting with your peers gives you better access to a larger supply of knowledge and expertise that can be used to grow your business.

3. Review Industry Trends

There is huge value in being well-informed and knowing the movements of the market. Knowing which markets are growing (or shrinking) can give you that one-up on the next big thing, whether it’s a new accounting package or something as huge as cloud adoption.

IT Nation: Your Place to Refocus on Your Business

ConnectWise’s event, IT Nation, is just around the corner. It’s the place to learn how to make your business more profitable. Taking place this Nov. 11-13 in Orlando, IT Nation will truly transform your business in just three days.

Registration is currently open for 2015, so sign up now. See how investing  the time to join a community centered on sharing ideas, knowledge and experience can push you to the front of the pack. Register now!

As the Director of Community, Amy calls on her passion for building solid relationships to keep partners engaged in an innovative partnership that is unique to the industry. Joining the ConnectWise team in 2009, Amy has helped to grow our vendor relationships by dedicating herself and her team to the promotion of our vendors to our partners. That dedication made Amy the perfect choice to lead the incredible ConnectWise partner community’s growth. Amy’s experience in channel sales and management have given her the know-how to support the growth of IT solutions providers, and allowed her to expand the channel-driven business in mid-market and enterprise companies, including nine of the top 10 US banks. Amy grew up in California, and has lived in Arizona, Oregon, and New York. Now, she calls Florida home. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in physiological sciences from the University of Arizona. When Amy isn’t hard at work supporting our unmatched community, she spends her time enjoying her beautiful family, cooking amazing meals, and contemplating her next triathlon. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly and are part of MSPmentor’s annual platinum sponsorship.

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