Want to be an innovator? Then you need to take the risk of being unique and original while at the same time you collaborate with those around you. That's according to marketing guru Seth Godin who spoke at the SAP (NYSE: SAP) Sapphire Now and ASUG Conference.

CJ Arlotta, Associate Editor

May 15, 2013

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Seth Godin said working together creates value
Seth Godin said working together creates value.

Author and marketing guru Seth Godin addressed attendees at the SAP (NYSE: SAP) Sapphire Now and ASUG Conference to augment the overall ASUG collaboration theme by doing what he does best: storytelling. While his keynote speech was not directed toward a specific SAP solution, his simple explanation of a rather complicated topic could be applied to all SAP solutions, business endeavors and relationship building among the more than 140,000 ASUG members. What should you take away from Godin's keynote speech? We'll reveal the key points.

The VAR Guy selected this photo of Godin to help us better understand his recommendation to be unique and original while innovating and collaborating with others around you. Take a look at the white background in the picture. Think of how you can make this picture better and move forward with your idea. Be unique and original. (Each individual's addition will be different.) Become vulnerable.

The only way to produce innovative ideas is to take a risk. Open yourself up to failure by showing others that you've made something. Failing is an option. Any person who tells you differently doesn't understand the true meaning of innovation.

"You must innovate if you want us to notice you,” he said. "Innovation is repeatedly failing until you figure out a new way to do something."

Godin suggested that we cannot have a full understanding of where the industry and channel is going next if we do not collaborate and socialize. We must learn to coordinate, trust, provide permission, exchange ideas and develop art if we're going to succeed.

Don't mistake copying, however, for collaborating. We collaborate to gain knowledge, insight and to share ideas, leading to potential innovation. Take a risk and put yourself out there. It's okay to fail and blame yourself.

Godin concluded by telling members a story of where an airline had him stranded on the plane for hours. After waiting, Godin decided that it would be easier for him to rent a car and drive home himself. He offered the remaining spots to other passengers, but not a single person moved. They didn't want to take the risk; they were afraid to blame themselves.

"If you stay on the plane, it's the airline's fault, and if you get off the plane it's your fault," he said.

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