AirWatch took a deeper dive on day two of its AirWatch Connect 2013 conference, with more details on data loss prevention enhancements and security in the context of its presented bring your own device (BYOD), mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility plans.

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September 11, 2013

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AirWatch CEO John Marshall says the company will do a better job with compliance information adding that sales teams should be able to know if they
AirWatch CEO John Marshall says the company will do a better job with compliance information, adding that sales teams should be able to know if they have the latest pricebook.

AirWatch took a deeper dive on day two of its AirWatch Connect 2013 conference, with more details on data loss prevention enhancements and security in the context of its presented bring your own device (BYOD), mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility plans. The information, offered during keynote addresses by executives this morning, followed on yesterday’s opening session announcements of AirWatch Container for Apple (AAPL) iOS and Google (Google) Android, the company’s intentions for big data, and AirWatch’s new partner portal called AirWatch Marketplace.

Here’s a look at AirWatch’s main keynotes from this morning’s session. Bonus: you’ll learn what bacon doughnuts have to do with enterprise mobility.

AirWatch Vice President of Global Services and Support Rick Franke

  • AirWatch has invested in global professional services: support 50 percent, services 25 percent, account management 15 percent and training 10 percent.

  • We’ve hired industry veterans for positions like software as a service (SaaS) operations, global training coordinator and global account manager.

  • Earlier this year, we expanded myAirWatch to online platform that grabs information on education and software distribution. We also received feedback on how often AirWatch sends email, sometimes a little too much, so we’ve implemented email preferences for users. An environments section was added to reveal license usage, server names, uptimes and upgrades.

  • AirWatch Academy is one of our biggest feedback areas for the partner community. AirWatch Academy shows how partners selling AirWatch can work with the AirWatch team, providing service support, becoming an enterprise mobility associate. We base our model on “no partner, no customer left behind.”

  • AirWatch also allows you to sign up for specific solutions, products, too. We will also be launching professional certifications in 2014.

  • AirWatch resource pagse have been added because both customers and partners asked for it. Now they can download software, white papers, documents, analyst reports and more. We’ve opened up a framework that allows partners and customers to newest resources. Beta agents will also be available for those partners interested in beta programs.

  • We’ve expanded ASK AirWatch. We’ve already received 300 feature requests, and the addition was only added about six weeks ago. FAQs and AirWatch Documentations are also available. ASK Customer Forums, a public forum that was requested by customers and partners, was added.

  • Our global account managers are dedicated client representatives that support and can the share lastest features, roadmaps and proactive support.

  • We’re announcing our enterprise support offering, which provides training, connect, support, services and account management. We only have 48 spots.

AirWatch CEO John Marshall (Opened with a moment of silence for those lost on 9/11)

  • I often think about what’s going to be the most memorable thing at our conferences. Will it be our announcements regarding big data, analytics or our container solutions? No, the bacon doughnut here at the hotel was the most tweeted about topic.

  • Business challenges for IT: security, encryption administration control, DLP, cross-platform support. User needs: anytime, anywhere, access, easy to use, access to corporate content, editing for collaboration and BYOD support.

  • Our comprehensive enterprise mobility platform includes devices, apps, content, email, browsing on top of enterprise integration and enterprise-grade security. We’ve closed the gap on some of the features that were missing. Our solution is at the point at where we can differentiate. We started with security, and now we’re going to see a lot of innovation on enterprise collaboration. It’s easier to do it that way than the other way around.

  • Flexible content storage content is how we will be best in class. We’re not telling you how to manage your content. You manage the content in cloud, hybrid or on-premise.

  • Content is broken up into two categories: enterprise enterprise-grade, generating content at the enterprise level; and user-generated content.

  • We’ve added advanced data loss prevention capabilities: define online/offline viewing, define effective/expiration dates, prevent cut/copy/paste, restrict printing, restrict emailing, prevent opening third party apps and configure geofence policies.

  • Distribution policies is a huge differentiator for us. These include: configure cellular on WiFi only, restrict download while roaming, download automatic or on-demand, set download priority level, require file download and set effective or expiration date.

  • We built a photo and video capture, enabling the users to define meta data for each media set captured, capture photos and videos using device camera, encrypt media on the device, and upload to repository or personal content folder.

  • We want to do a better job with compliance information, making sure the pricebook gets to every device.  We’ve always had the analytics to show what’s there, and we want to be able to tell you that you have all the information you need.

  • AirWatch is proud of its custom branding to allow companies to create custom themes by leveraging custom CSS, branding the AirWatch console and end-user facing applications, screens and processes for Secure Content Locker and Self-service portal.

AirWatch Android Product Management Scott Kelly

  • We are continuing OEM integrations with smartphones (HTC/LG/Samsung), ruggedized devices (Motorola Solutions/Panasonic) and education tablets (Amazon/Barnes and Noble).

  • AirWatch Email/Contacts/Calendars containerizes email with native experience, supports 4.0+, one application, FIPS 140-2 compliant, only AirWatch managed email accounts allowed, enforce passcode access through SSO policy, support for integrated email authentication and encrypted attachment viewing.

  • With Android Secure Content Locker, you can support all Android form factors, including native viewing and editing, Smart Sort and Filter for viewing content, integration with AW Email Client and Browser, file and folder operations, enforce passcode, support for integrated authentication and second factor authentication to lock application using passcode.

  • Android SDK is growing in functionality. Incorporate AirWatch SDK code within your Android application.

  • We’ve integrated with our secure launcher app for multi-user management. User checks out the device via the Secure Launcher, device is configured with profiles, apps and content specific to role and user checks-in device promoting only checkout screen.

  • Our most recent Android app is the AirWatch Workspace, which creates dual persona view, enforces workspace level passcode, supports for application level terms of use, customizes corporate branding  and co-exists with MDM agent.

AirWatch Product Manager Adam Rykowsi

  • Apps are driving devices.

  • Application lifecycle management goes through procure/develop, secure, distribute and track.

  • When deploying a mobile application strategy, you need to understand which apps are good for you and your users. Enterprise applications consist of public apps, custom B2B apps or internal apps. AirWatch supports all of these types of apps.

  • We offer app wrapping that wraps existing applications with AirWatch features from the console and software development kit (SDK) that enables the integration of AirWatch features into custom-built applications. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

  • There’s an application development workflow at AirWatch: developer, reviewer, assigner and approver.

  • AirWatch provides multiple levels of security for applications: application compliance, reputation analysis, security policies for SDK/wrapping.

We will continue to cover any other news coming out of AirWatch Connect 2013 in Atlanta, Ga.



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