Live Blog: HTG Vision Summit

At HTG Peer Groups' Vision Summit, keynotes about next-generation partners (NPRs), new sales models, and selling Microsoft's cloud suite are under way. Here's the live blog.

Joe Panettieri, Former Editorial Director

August 15, 2013

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Jamison West is betting his cloud business on Windows Azure Office 365 and Windows Server
Jamison West is betting his cloud business on Windows Azure, Office 365 and Windows Server.

What will the Next Generation Partner (NGR) look like? How will today's MSPs evolve their business models? How will U.S. healthcare regulation changes create new opportunities for MSPs? And how will cloud computing fit into all this? The HTG Vision Summit, kicking off today in Omaha, covers those topics and more. Here's a live blog.

Lynn Hinderaker, President, PointForward: Accelerating Sales

His time on stage was great and it can be summed up in these five points:

  1. The more you teach the more you sell.

  2. The more you sell the more you learn.

  3. The more you learn the more your earn.

  4. The more you earn the more you give.

  5. The more you give the more you live.

Jamison West, CEO, Arterian: Betting on Microsoft Cloud

  • The well-known MSP is talking about Windows Azure's growing impact. His key points:

  • Active Directory in the cloud, SQL Server in the cloud — now you can deliver them without hardware or virtualization worries.

  • West sees Office 365, Windows Azure and Windows Server (on premises) delivering the ideal hybrid cloud for shifting resources on demand. "It's the hooks between those services that will provide huge value. Customers don't really need to know or care" about how the information will flow.

  • "Microsoft as usual will step up their game here."

  • West is located in Seattle. Instead of embracing startups, he sat back and waited for Microsoft to deliver solutions — such as Office 365. "I knew Microsoft would eventually deliver a massive impact."

Garrett Brucker and Sandy Lane: The Future of Health Care

  • Brucker is president of Solve IT; Lane is a health care consultant in Omaha.

  • They offered some depressing stats about the cost of health care in the U.S., and the fact that $600 billion to $800 billion is wasted each year.

  • They see a shift to accountable care organizations (ACOs) and then primary care ACOs. 

  • They see a future where people WANT to go to the doctor for pro-active services, the way people show up at Apple Stores.

  • The IT opportunity involves management, building solutions, systems and support.

  • I'm way-oversimplifying their time on stage because heath care is such a complex topic. But keep an eye on how Brucker positions Solve IT for the opportunity…

Tyson Benson, Attorney

  • He covered social media policies at work, and patent processes for business.

  • On social media, he noted that all companies now need an effective policy that outlines how social networks can be used.

  • Who ones the social identity or social account when an employee leaves the company? Who retains the followers of the account?

Phil Kenealy, business lessons learned from Speed Week at Bonneville

  • Follow your dreams

  • Be prepared: Somebody blew out their motor at Bonneville. The racer had a spare motor and still participated in the race.

  • Things are not always what they seem.

  • Never give up in the face of disaster.

  • Pursue your passion.

  • Aim High: Shoot for the eagle, "if you bag a pheasant you don't need to eat crow."

  • Have fund.

  • Value your heritage.

  • Not everyone is going to be the top dog.

  • Pursue your own personal best.

Stay tuned. More blog updates coming.


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