Windstream, Vonage Nexmo, Ooma and Yealink sponsored last month's ClueCon 2016. We have the highlights in this image gallery.

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September 8, 2016

  • Image Gallery: ClueCon 2016

    The ClueCon expo, now in its eleventh year, is all about the developer side of telecom — particularly open source telephony technologies like FreeSwitchOpenSIPS and Asterisk. The organization took some photos at last month’s event and sent them our way.

    The conference is more about education “for developers, by developers” than selling, with hackathons and such sessions as “The Strategy and Technical Mechanics of Building the Cloud-Agnostic Telnyx Global and OnSIP – Detecting Abnormal Traffic in VoIP Networks With Statistical Analysis.”

    Still, Channel Partners readers will recognize many of the event’s sponsors, a lineup that includes Windstream, Vonage Nexmo, Ooma and Yealink. Click through to see highlights of keynotes and sessions on WebRTC, microservices, cloud-agnostic backbones and more.

    **Photos courtesy Jill Minessale**

  • ClueCon 2016: Founder Anthony Minessale’s Keynote


    Anthony Minessale has spent close to 20 years working with open source software. In 2005, he started coding a new idea for an open source voice application.

    The FreeSWITCH project was officially open to the public on Jan. 1, 2006. Minessale has been actively maintaining and leading the software development of the FreeSWITCH project, a scalable, open source telephony platform designed to route and interconnect popular communication protocols using audio, video, text and any other forms of media.

    Minessale spoke about FreeSWITCH and ClueCon’s importance in the industry since its inception in 2005.

  • ClueCon 2016: The Impact of WebRTC


    OfficeTone CEO Travis Cross hosted a WebRTC Roundtable, which included industry experts:

    • FreeSWITCH founder Anthony Minessale

    • Chad Hart, head of strategic products at Voxbone, and chief editor at

    • James Cadd, program manager on the Windows developer platform team; and

    • Randell Jesup, WebRTC “Module Owner” at Mozilla


    The panelists spoke about modern challenges with WebRTC, and how the space is making waves through WebRTC technology.

  • ClueCon 2016: Microservices


    RingPlus CTO Evan McGee presented on using FreeSWITCH as a microservice, including the different ways that microservices can benefit organizations long-term.

    While microservices are more challenging to build from the ground up, they’re highly adaptable and are completely tailored to an organization’s individual needs. 

  • ClueCon 2016: Cloud-Agnostic Backbone Strategy


    Telnyx engineer Jason Craft spoke on his company’s cloud-agnostic infrastructure and how the VoIP provider is reducing time spent on the public internet by directing calls through private clouds.

    Instead of building data centers with rows and rows of hardware, Telnyx is using private clouds. Today, many resellers and providers are routing calls through legacy infrastructures, but by building its own, Telnyx is able to reduce latency and jitter. 

  • ClueCon 2016: OpenSIPS Clustering


    Razvan Crainea, a software engineer at OpenSIPS Solutions, discussed the OpenSIPS clustering project. Clustering allows for as many SIP servers as desired to work together in delivering a single service.

    A main distinction in OpenSIPS 2.2 clustering is the elimination of the single point of sharing. Crainea and the OpenSIPS team found that dropping the single point of sharing improved how data was handled and allowed for infinite scaling due to the ability to continuously add nodes.

  • ClueCon 2016: FreeSWITCH Roundtable


    Multiple FreeSWITCH employees came together to discuss what the company is working on and how others and can leverage FreeSWITCH in their infrastructure innovations.

    ClueCon, put on by FreeSWITCH, gives developers the opportunity to ask questions and share knowledge about current projects and upcoming collaborations.

    Pictured, left to right: Michael Jerris, Anthony Minessale II, Brian West, William King, Seven Du, Ítalo Rossi and Ken Rice.

  • ClueCon 2016: Critical Infrastructure Protection


    Resilient and reliable have become commonplace terms when speaking about today’s network infrastructures. No matter the industry, to survive in today’s digital world, organizations can’t have one without the other.

    James Carlini, strategist for mission-critical networks, technology and intelligent infrastructure, spoke at ClueCon 2016 on how drones can play a critical role in creating resilient and reliable infrastructures. From sports stadiums to government facilities, drones are part of the next wave of infrastructure architecture. His recent article in Electrical Contractor talks more on the topic.

  • ClueCon 2016: OpenSIPS Training


    ClueCon included an all-day training on how to build a fully operational VoIP system around OpenSIPS and FreeSWITCH.

    From start to finish, each phase was led by a different instructor specializing in that particular component — the idea being that the same system used in the first phase will be built upon during the phases to follow.

    Training included:

    • Load balancing inbound traffic to the cluster of FreeSWITCH servers

    • Registration decoupling, protocol conversion and traffic sanitization

    • Routing traffic via OpenSIPS for LCR, fraud detection and security

    • Real-time traffic capturing and monitoring with Homer

  • ClueCon 2016: Telnyx After-Party


    Telnyx hosted a ClueCon after-party at its new office in Chicago. In addition to live music, food and drinks, one of the conference rooms hosted a Mario Kart tournament, and at the other side of the office, attendees lined up for Foosball.

    The office was designed and contracted by Telnyx, which includes whiteboard walls and a matrix lighting system.

  • Image Gallery: ClueCon 2016

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