Image Gallery: AT&T Innovation Summit in San Francisco

AT&T invited the media to its flagship store in San Francisco on Feb. 1 for a private showcase. The purpose: to show what AT&T Labs has been up to and how the company’s projects will impact the future.

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February 3, 2017

  • Image Gallery: AT&T Innovation Summit in San Francisco

    AT&T invited the media to its flagship store in San Francisco on Feb. 1 for a private showcase. The purpose: to show what AT&T Labs has been up to and how the company’s projects will impact the future.


    The carrier introduced its Network 3.0 Indigo strategy, comprised of three parts – software-defined networking, 5G speeds, and a data-powered platform. The company also announced that it aims to make 55 percent of its network software-defined by the end of 2017 (it reached 34 percent last year).


    Our image gallery features highlights and a recap. Looking for more? Check out the story we filed the day of the event.


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  • AT&T Innovation Summit: Project AirGig


    AT&T displayed an antenna from its Project AirGig, which the company announced on Jan. 31. The company plans to mount AirGig antennae atop telephone poles to aid its attempts to reach 5G speeds.

    Read more about AT&T’s 5G lab testing.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: IoT


    The media event, hosted on the second floor of AT&T’s flagship store in San Francisco, featured several different products and solutions. Several IoT-connected devices were on display, including smart footballs and soccer balls. AT&T recently announced an IoT-specific partner program.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: Igal Elbaz


    Igal Elbaz, vice president of ecosystem and innovation for AT&T Services, introduced an hour-long presentation from various AT&T executives. The theme: how AT&T’s technological innovations will impact the future.

    Read about highlights from the presentation, as well as what Elbaz said to Channel Partners in an interview.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: John Donovan


    John Donovan, chief strategy officer and group president of AT&T Technology and Operations, discussed AT&T’s multiple-year initiative to establish software-defined technology.

    “People thought we were crazy when we said we were about it undertake it. It was always on the industry’s too-hard-to-do list,” he said.

    Donovan served as the main emcee for the presentation.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: Victor Nilson


    Victor Nilson, senior vice president of big data for AT&T, helped elaborate on one facet of his company’s Network 3.0 Indigo strategy: “data-powered everything.” The other two components are software-defined and 5G speed.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: Melissa Arnoldi


    Donovan was joined by (from left to right) Melissa Arnoldi, president of technology development; Chris Rice, senior vice president of AT&T Labs, Domain 2.0 Architecture and Design; andAndre Fuetsch, president of AT&T Labs and AT&T’s chief technology officer.

     Arnoldi shared that AT&T has goal of making its network 75 percent software-defined by 2020 and 55 percent by the end of 2017.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: Intel


    Diane Bryant, who leads Intel’s data center group, spoke with Donovan about AT&T’s partnership with Intel.

    The company’s last summer announced deepening their partnership, which gives AT&T early access to the latest Intel technologies. As part of their agreement, the two companies work together on networking infrastructure issues specific to AT&T.

    They created a team of 50 engineers that are fine-tuning Intel’s chip technology to work more efficiently with the carrier’s custom networking software, as noted by Fortune.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: Panel


    Steve McGaw (far right), chief marketing officer of AT&T Business Solutions, joined (from left to right) Mo Katibeh, senior vice president of advanced solutions; Erik Boyer, senior vice president of wireless and wired product marketing; and Mazin Gilbert, vice president of advanced technology at AT&T Labs. Their talk touched on security and delivering these solutions to customers. Boyer said the “media-rich” future of the world makes self-driving cars much more imminent than we might think.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: Demos


    AT&T offered demos of various solutions, including software-defined storage, Smart Cities IoT technology and Project AirGig. Visit AT&T’s website if you would like to read more about the “Network 3.0 Indigo” vision that encompassed the event.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: 1 Powell St.


    The “flagship” AT&T store is located on 1 Powell Street in San Francisco. AT&T launched the site in the fall of last year; it’s the company’s largest retail store.

  • AT&T Innovation Summit: Demos


    A host of AT&T executives and public-relations specialists were on hand to demo products and answer questions. You can watch the full replay of the presentation, AT&T streamed on Periscope.

  • Image Gallery: AT&T Innovation Summit in San Francisco

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