How to Deliver Zero Trust Solutions as an MSP

Zero trust helps MSPs increase market share while delivering the resources and security customers need to run their business.

October 5, 2022

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MSPs managing IT environments face the additional challenge of securing their customers’ networks and endpoints from attack, often having to monitor and address vulnerabilities across multiple environments at once. Offering a zero trust service provides MSPs with the ability to reduce that burden, deliver the highest level of security to their customers and increase profit opportunities.

What Is Zero Trust?

Zero trust is a framework, a mindset and a strategy that organizations can utilize to protect their IT environment from today’s increasingly numerous and sophisticated cybersecurity threats. It’s implemented through solutions that consolidate different tools for discovering and eliminating vulnerabilities through comprehensive scanning, 24/7 data insights and automation.

The zero trust approach is centered on the mantra “assume breach, never trust, always verify” and encompasses all the various components of the environment: the network, devices and the end users. Endpoints are often targeted as a starting point into the data and resources residing on a network.

A zero trust framework ensures that no endpoint is granted access within the network if it doesn’t meet the organization’s security compliance standards and without authenticating the user credentials, on an asset-by-asset basis. Zero trust solutions enable you to apply these protections at a high level of granularity to every endpoint in an environment with the power of orchestration and automation.

The Benefits of Implementing Zero Trust

Transitioning to a zero trust architecture doesn’t have to be an immense undertaking, and the benefits vastly outweigh the difficulties, such as avoiding the legal, financial and reputational impacts of a breach, as well as reducing the strain on IT departments in remote and hybrid work models post-pandemic. As an MSP, there are additional benefits of implementing a zero trust solution for your customers.

MSPs gain additional advantages by offering zero trust solutions, including additional monetization opportunities, streamlined oversight and management of devices and users on managed accounts, and the chance to position themselves as a valuable and experienced partner that can address the challenges of today’s cyber threats.

How to Implement Zero Trust as an MSP

            Step 1: Find out what your customers think about the concept of zero trust and any biases they might have about its implementation to change their strategy and culture around cybersecurity.

            Step 2: Identify any potential roadblocks that might stand in the way of implementing zero trust in your managed environments, such as the complications of change management, concerns with onboarding and continued customer service, or cost.

            Step 3: Research tools that combine a zero trust approach with comprehensive vulnerability scanning, patch management and remediation, and utilize orchestration and automation, such as Syxsense Enterprise.

            Step 4: Run a scan of the environment to detect both patch and security vulnerabilities to help customers identify areas of concern and to demonstrate the value of a zero trust architecture in reducing the attack surface.

            Step 5: Ensure the continued safety and protection of the endpoints in your managed environments.

As an MSP, adopting a zero trust approach to cybersecurity ensures you’re positioning yourself as a trusted partner to your customers by providing the highest level of protection the industry has to offer. Solutions such as Syxsense Enterprise provide the means to identify, monitor, isolate, secure, control and remove any endpoints from the environments you manage, so you can simplify IT management, increase your market share and give your customers peace of mind.

To learn more about the importance of zero trust, read our white paper or contact us for a demo of Syxsense Enterprise.


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