Developing a Mindset for Prosperity

Why do some people earn $25,000 a year, while others pay 10 times that much just for their annual country club membership?  It has to do with their mindset for prosperity. And mindset is a fascinating thing.

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March 5, 2010

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Developing a Mindset for Prosperity

How come someone can be comfortable spending $5,000 a month for fresh flowers, while others would hesitate to spend that much on a car? Why do some people earn $25,000 a year, while others pay 10 times that much just for their annual country club membership?

It has to do with their mindset for prosperity. And mindset is a fascinating thing…

Because it doesn’t just come into play for the things you buy. It also dramatically affects how you view your earning and profit potential. The wellness or lack of it you manifest. It determines what you believe you can accomplish. And what you expect from your relationships. Your money mindset will be pretty consistent with the way you view other forms of prosperity.

People have a chance at unlimited income potential. But no one actually thinks “unlimited.” If they have been making $20,000 a year, they equate unlimited income with earning $30,000 or $40,000 a year. If they are used to taking home $65,000, they think unlimited is making $100,000. And if they are used to being paid $100,000 annually, then they probably envision about $200,000.

And the degree they see “unlimited” in money terms will be consistent with how they will view their prospects in health, relationships, and their career.

The other thing that becomes apparent is how people’s consciousness can expand. And that is what has to happen with you, for you to develop a prosperous mindset. It is a continuous process that never stops.

You start out thinking that $75 is an outrageous amount to pay for a floral arrangement. Gradually you begin to see the beauty of a $150 arrangement. Next you are thinking it would be nice to have some fresh flowers delivered to your home each week. Next thing you know, you’re spending $1,500 a week on fresh flowers. And loving it, because you appreciate the beauty it brings into your world.

Could you spend $10,000 on a purse, a pair of shoes or a beautiful coat? Can you see yourself spending $15,000 for a first class seat, instead of $700 in coach? Do you believe you could spend $450,000 for a painting for your living room or a sculpture in your entranceway?

Of course things are relative. If you make $20,000 a year, it would be crazy to spend 10 grand on a purse. But then again why would you make $20,000 a year when you could earn so much more?

Creating true prosperity consciousness is about expanding your vision of what can be for you. Abundant people see opportunity. They never think something is too good to be true. They expect good things.

People with prosperity consciousness are dreamers. They imagine a better way, then work to make it so. More importantly, they don’t buy-in to the negative and erroneous beliefs around them. When they are told something is too difficult or not possible, they simply smile at the thought. They are not easily swayed with the cowardly cautions of the crowd.


The crowd is not lying. They honestly believe that things can’t be done. They don’t know the difference between facts and beliefs.

Let’s say a single guy moves to Detroit. He goes to a nightclub and asks a girl to dance. She looks him up and down, and says, “With you? I don’t think so.” He beats a retreat home to nurse his wounds.

A few days later he tries another nightclub, and a different girl. He gets rejected again. This is all the “proof” he needs to illustrate the “fact” ladies are stuck up in Detroit.

Another guy moves to Detroit the same week. He meets the couple in the apartment next door in the elevator, and they invite him over for dinner. A few days later, his car breaks down and a passing motorist stops to offer him assistance. He becomes convinced of the fact that people in Detroit are friendly and welcoming.

So which guy knows the truth?

Well in each case, it is the truth as they know it. But in neither case is it a fact. Both guys have developed a belief. One has a belief that serves him, the other has one which does not. Each will probably attract more of what he expects, and each will likely fall prey to confirmation bias, finding continuing “evidence” to support his belief.

You probably developed your beliefs about money by the time you were ten years old and have carried them into adulthood. For most people these are very limiting beliefs. But the good news is these beliefs can be changed…

You can’t be treated for prosperity; you have to be open to receive it. And this means expanding your prosperity consciousness.

Instead of thinking what is “realistic,” you must dream about what you really want. Things like driving through wealthy neighborhoods, studying vacation brochures, and reading luxury magazines all expand the window you see the world through and helps you develop a larger prosperity consciousness.

When your prosperity consciousness expands, your subconscious mind works to make these dreams come true. It creates confidence, drive and ambition. Your beliefs change and you begin to attract more prosperity in your life. But it all starts with mindset.

Randy Gage has been called “the Millionaire Messiah” because he believes that you are meant to be rich, and it is a sin to be poor. A former high school dropout, Randy rose from a minimum wage dishwasher to become a multi-millionaire. He is the author of seven books on success. To learn more, visit his Web site.

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