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A flexible backup solution gives you everything you need to protect your clients' technology investments now and in the future.

October 11, 2017

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Flexibility is your friend when it comes to helping your clients choose a backup plan.

For a backup solution to be considered flexible, it needs to satisfy several key business requirements. It should integrate seamlessly with any servers your clients are running and provide full support for all the applications your clients’ businesses use. It should enable users to protect assets in different parts of the country or overseas. And it should let you or your clients manage and monitor backups from anywhere.

A flexible backup solution gives you everything you need to protect your clients’ technology investments now and in the future. Instead of having to buy multiple solutions to support their changing needs, your customers can have a single solution that adapts to fit their environment. We call that flexible deployment. Here’s a quick look at some of the flexible ways that Carbonite backup and disaster recovery solutions can be deployed:

1. In our cloud

Carbonite Cloud Backup Powered by EVault is the fastest way to protect critical data offsite so it’s accessible in the event of a local interruption. Our data centers meet or exceed requirements for regulated industries like healthcare and finance. Our data transfer process is efficient and secure for speed and privacy.

How to deploy

Install the software agent on each server to be protected. Configure settings, choose Carbonite Cloud Backup as your target vault, and start backing up.

2. In your cloud

Carbonite Cloud Backup integrates seamlessly to protect data securely from the main site to a private cloud or co-location facility. Advanced 256-bit AES encryption plus Transport Layer Security (TLS) ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data traveling over the wire.

How to deploy

Install the software agent on each server to be protected. Configure vault software for the location of the private data center, colocation or public cloud instance.

3. On our hardware

Carbonite Onsite Backup Powered by EVault gives users the most flexibility for achieving predetermined RTO and RPO outcomes. LAN-speed recovery ensures timely restore times, and point-in-time recovery lets users roll back the clock on ransomware and accidental deletions. For added protection, users can automatically replicate to either our cloud or their own private offsite location in a hybrid backup configuration. Retention for both daily and monthly backups is preset for a best-practices deployment. You can also customize settings to balance recovery objectives with bandwidth optimization. Carbonite Onsite Backup appliances are delivered as a service, so there’s no upfront hardware purchase. And we perform any necessary maintenance or upgrades.

How to deploy

Talk to our sales team to determine how much protection you need. Once your appliance arrives, our professional services team will show you step by step how to configure your first backup through the web-based portal.

4. On your hardware

For enterprise-wide protection across a client’s entire organization, install the software remotely on any server connected to the network. Central management and control features—including policy creation and deployment, remote monitoring of backup status and simple recovery and data migration—are accessed through the web-based portal.

How to deploy

Install the software agent on each server to be protected. Configure software on the target backup server at your site. You can also choose a separate offsite location for hybrid protection.

5. Hybrid backup

Hybrid backup enables LAN-speed recovery to ensure RTO outcomes while providing offsite protection for uninterrupted access in disaster scenarios. Users can deploy a hybrid backup strategy using their own hardware and cloud, or by leveraging our hardware-as-a-service (HWaaS) model with hardware, software and cloud storage included in a single subscription.

How to deploy

You can deploy hybrid backup using any combination of the cloud and hardware options above. We have a complete lineup of cloud-connected backup appliances for any size business.

6. VMware and Hyper-V

Carbonite will protect a single virtual machine or an entire cluster with hundreds of VMs for both VMware and Hyper-V deployments. It lets you recover or migrate VMs from either an image or system backup to ensure high availability of data. With Carbonite, businesses can take full advantage of the agility and scalability of a virtual infrastructure while providing a secure safety net for virtual workloads.

How to deploy

For Hyper-V, install the software agent and cluster-support plug-in on each node in the cluster. Register the agent on the web-based portal to create and run backup jobs for each virtual server. For VMware, use the OVF Template wizard and follow instructions to deploy the vSphere agent.

7. Remote and branch offices

Carbonite solutions include multiple processes that shrink backup sizes, accelerate backup jobs, and optimize WAN utilization for greater efficiency and performance. Carbonite backs up data from geographically disparate sources, centralizes them to a single or multiple dedicated backup appliances, and replicates the entire footprint to an offsite data center or colocation facility. The entire solution can be managed from a single web-based dashboard.

How to deploy

Install the software agent on each server to be protected. Configure the software on dedicated backup hardware (ours or yours) at each office location. Replicate those backups to a central cloud backup target (ours or yours). Centrally manage the entire solution remotely through the web-based portal.

Get in touch

For more information, visit our partner portal or email [email protected]. You can also learn about the benefits of partnering with Carbonite and apply to become a Carbonite Partner today.

Jon Whitlock is vice president of channel sales and marketing at Carbonite, a provider of cloud and hybrid data protection solutions for small-to-midsize businesses.

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