How to Increase Revenue with Carbonite Office 365 Backup

Here are a few conversation starters you can use to educate your customers and potentially generate additional MRR by rounding out their Office 365 protection strategy.

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Many IT service providers have moved, or are in the process of moving, their customers to Microsoft Office 365. This opens the door to additional opportunities, such as plugging the gaps in protection that exist due to Microsoft SLAs. But you may need to educate your customers around this issue.

According to a 2019 study by Enterprise Strategy Group, 68% of organizations mistakenly think SaaS environments don’t need backup or are backed up by the provider. Carbonite Backup for Office 365 is designed to fill gaps in protection that most customers using Office 365 don’t even know about.

Here are a few conversation starters you can use to educate your customers and potentially generate additional monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by rounding out their Office 365 protection strategy.

  • SaaS data requires backup just like local data. Many believe that because Office 365 data is in the cloud, it is automatically protected. This is only half true. Microsoft has built-in redundancy to prevent customer data loss on its end. However, Microsoft doesn’t make any guarantees about restoring Office 365 data that was accidentally deleted or corrupted. In fact, Microsoft recommends third-party backup for day-to-day operational recoveries.

  • OneDrive is not backup. Relying on file sync and share tools like Microsoft OneDrive as a form of backup can result in data loss. Here’s why: If a file is deleted or corrupted, FSS automatically syncs that change with the secondary copy.

  • The recycle bin is not enough. Deleted items remain in the recycle bin temporarily. But once they’re purged from the recycle bin, they’re gone forever. Additionally, the recycle bin offers no protection from ransomware. Finally, Microsoft cannot prevent a user from permanently deleting folders from the recycle bin.

  • Downtime equals revenue loss. When employees can’t perform their day-to-day tasks, revenue loss is inevitable. Be certain to make this clear in conversations with customers.

  • Decommissioning former employee accounts saves money. Maintaining former employees’ Office 365 licenses can be expensive. Carbonite Backup for Office 365 allows you to retain their files and email at a fraction of Microsoft licensing costs.

Ready to go to market?

Carbonite has several go-to-market options for offering Backup for Office 365 or bundling it with a comprehensive endpoint protection solution for physical devices as well as Office 365 data. Both approaches are supported by flexible pricing and packaging that allow you to tailor your approach for the region you serve.

Ready to talk about protecting Office 365 data in your customer environments? Feel free to reach out to us: [email protected].

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