Are Your SMB Customers Paying Attention to Endpoint Backup?

An endpoint backup solution ensures that critical and sensitive data can be quickly and easily restored, in the event of data loss.

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December 17, 2019

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SMBs often view endpoint backup as an expensive add-on. But with endpoints becoming one of the most exploited routes of entry–and SMBs becoming lucrative targets for cybercriminals–having an endpoint backup solution ensures that critical and sensitive data can be quickly and easily restored, in the event of data loss. MSPs play an integral role in drilling in this message as they talk to their SMB customers about their data protection needs.

Endpoint devices like laptops, mobiles and tablets store critical business data and act as points of entry to a company’s network. They have therefore become very attractive targets for cybercriminals.

Data created and stored on these devices are also vulnerable to human error, hardware failures and theft. It is therefore imperative to back up files directly from these devices. However, an IDC study uncovered that 58% of small businesses fail to back up their endpoint devices.

Talking to SMBs about Endpoint Backup

When it comes to cyberattacks, threat actors don’t discriminate businesses by size. In fact, 67% of SMBs experienced a cyberattack and 58% experienced a data breach in 2018, according to a Ponemon Institute report. And with the average cost of a data breach climbing toward $4 million, an effective endpoint backup solution is a must-have for SMBs.

As you start talking to your customers about the importance of endpoint backup, here are a few statistics to consider:

While initiating conversations about endpoint backup, keep in mind that SMBs typically don’t have a large IT security budget. SMBs are most likely to opt for a solution that is simple, easy to manage and cost-effective.

Endpoint backup solutions for SMBs should also be automatic to ensure that all files are backed up even if employees forget to manually backup their files. The solution should also be designed for fast recovery and offer point-in-time restore options so clean copies of data are easily accessible.

A cloud-based endpoint backup solution like Carbonite Endpoint  is a comprehensive, automatic backup system for all your endpoint devices and the data that resides on them. It ensures rapid recovery, and also helps mitigate the cost and consequences of lost or stolen devices, ransomware and hardware failures.

With features like global tracking, remote wipe and poison pill, Carbonite Endpoint provides all-round data protection, so you can control and protect your business data no matter where it lives.

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