UCR enables government agencies to provide a better experience and service delivery during the pandemic and beyond.

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April 19, 2022

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COVID-19 disrupted communities and their day-to-day lives in a way never experienced, which led local governments to find new ways to engage with their customers while ensuring continuity and compassion at the service delivery level. A survey from KPMG shows that improving customer experience has been the top priority for local councils during the pandemic.

That’s why local councils are rapidly accelerating digital transformation initiatives and demanding unified call recording and conversational AI like never before.

Dubber, the world’s leading cloud unified call recording and voice AI solution, enables local government customers to easily record, replay and analyze any call from any endpoint for fast dispute resolution and staff training. This provides a significant boost to customer experience, productivity and performance.

Answering the Needs with Unified Call Recording and Voice AI

The benefits of unified call recording and voice AI are enormous, including:

  1. Fast dispute resolution – Quickly verify crucial conversations with instant access to all call recordings.

  2. Customer service delivery – Easily identify reasons for calls, analyze trends, and investigate complaints with transcriptions and reports to improve service delivery.

  3. Boost productivity – Reduce manual data entry with automatic transcriptions of every call and of virtual or face-to-face meetings, along with easy integration of these transcriptions into customer files.

  4. Compliance – Record, transcribe and securely store all calls in the cloud for compliance in line with record-keeping requirements.

  5. Better coaching and training – Capture every conversation regardless of employee location for coaching and service performance.

  6. Single view of customer – Build and maintain customer conversational data in one platform, and easily share it among departments for better customer outcomes.

Devonport City Council Gets Instant Customer Satisfaction Insights with Dubber

Many councils in Australia already use Dubber. For example, the Devonport City Council in Tasmania uses Dubber to:

  • Easily and simply replay conversations between council staff and ratepayers for effective staff coaching.

  • Monitor customer satisfaction of every call in real time and quickly identify calls that need closer examination.

  • Gain insights into what is driving calls into the council.

  • Improve council services with easy sharing of recordings and transcriptions between departments.

“Dubber has been the next level for customer service performance, and we now have more structure in our training,” according to Danielle Harvey, Customer Services Coordinator, Devonport City Council. “Dubber is filling in the gaps in knowledge” (The full case study of the Devonport City Council’s use of Dubber is available here.)

Why Choose Dubber?

Dubber is the world’s leading unified conversational recording platform (UCR) inside 170-plus leading service provider networks and communications solutions globally, including Telstra, Optus, Microsoft Teams, Cisco and more.

Provisioned with a click, UCR enables voice data to be generated from every conversation and delivered to Dubber’s infinitely scalable Voice Intelligence Cloud, where AI creates insights, intelligence, beautiful transcriptions and more.

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