The Top Five Benefits of Integrated Application Systems for Big Data and Analytics

December 12, 2013

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The Top Five Benefits of Integrated Application Systems for Big Data and Analytics

By Gavin Miller 2

Integrated application systems are infrastructure systems pre-integrated with databases, applications software or both, providing appliance-like functionality for Big Data solutions, analytic platforms or similar demands. For ISVs, there are five key reasons to consider delivering your Big Data/analytics solutions in the form of integrated applications systems—benefits that can make the difference between market-moving success and tepid sales and profits.

Greater solution consistency: 
In an integrated application system, you integrate the hardware and software for your product, so you control the environment that supports your product. That ensures your Big Data and analytics applications have all the processing, storage, and memory resources they need to deliver optimal performance on compute-intensive jobs. In short, your application runs the way it was designed, so customer satisfaction is optimized.

Better system security: 
Analytics and other Big Data systems frequently deal with financial, medical or other proprietary information. By delivering your product as an integrated application system, you can build in the security tools necessary to prevent access by unauthorized users, hackers or other intruders. Your application is safer, so your customers gain confidence in your products.

Faster cycle from solution development to implementation: With a traditional Big Data application delivered as software-only, your engineers spend a lot of time considering potential analytics system deployment scenarios and figuring out how to maximize system performance on each. That can delay your product from reaching customers by months or more. But with an integrated application system, you specify the environment once and get your product to the field without unnecessary delay.

Lessens support burden for solution
: An additional benefit of solution consistency is ease-of-support for your Big Data and analytics solutions. When you sell software alone, your support staff never can be certain exactly what hardware it’s running on, what else is running on the platform and a host of other variables. With an integrated application system, all that information is under your control—so replicating and resolving problems becomes simple and straightforward.

Faster sales cycle: 
The internal review process for any major application purchase can be time-consuming and thorough, especially for products with the strategic importance of Big Data and analytics solutions. Interested parties from across your operation must be satisfied that your servers can run it, your storage infrastructure can support it, and your IT team can install and tune it. But with an integrated applications system, all these issues are solved as part of the solution’s own design, and proven in reference installations, so customers gain the confidence to proceed with their purchases more quickly.

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Gavin Miller Avnet Technology Solutions

Gavin Miller is VP of Marketing, Solutions and Sales Acceleration at Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of The VAR Guy’s annual sponsorship. Read all of Avnet’s guest blogs here.

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