Aveva CEO Outlines Vision for Connected Industrial Ecosystem

CEO Caspar Herzberg talked data silos, new products, and how partners are key to customers’ digital transformation.

October 24, 2023

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Caspar Herzberg Aveva World 2023 talks connected industrial ecosystem

AVEVA WORLD 2023 — A connected industrial ecosystem is critical to success across industries, according to Aveva CEO Caspar Herzberg.

Herzberg (pictured above) outlined his vision for the connected industrial ecosystem at Aveva World 2023 in San Francisco Tuesday.

“The way we are successful in a connected industrial ecosystem is by breaking down silos, breaking down the barriers. Giving access to the same set of trusted data, whether you are an executive, integrator, consumer, distributor, logistics, producer supplier, anybody in the value chain. That is how you become successful: Work from the same set of data,” he said.

“You’d be surprised how many big corporates I meet that work on very different data sets, that jealously guard their silos. That’s not the way forward. It is trusted data at the center of what we do. Those that master the art of connecting the industrial ecosystem will outperform other ecosystems. This is true at every level.”

Using Aveva Connect to Access Connected Industrial Ecosystem

Central to Herzberg’s vision of the connected industrial ecosystem is the Aveva Connect platform, a data infrastructure based on an industrial intelligence platform. Enabling collaboration across teams and organizations, he said customers are already seeing 10% higher profitability, three times their return on investment and up to 20% higher sustainability performance.

“It’s designed to empower you at every step of the design, build, operate, optimize cycle,” he explained. [We are] bringing all of this still at times disparate software together, so that you can easily exchange data between them, that they seamlessly operate with each other. And we’re going to put that into a cloud-native environment, or on prem, or hybrid. all three. [We are] enabling the easy flow of trusted data between our solutions and the users all in one place.”

One component of Aveva Connect is the company’s platform as a service offering, Data Hub. It takes different types of data and brings it together in the same place.

Herzberg said this capability will open up new ways of working.

“It’s going to open up fantastic ways of collaborating, of being faster. And as a result of being faster, making decisions faster, having more impact, being more sustainable, and more resilient.”

The CEO said Aveva’s vision is to onboard thousands of partner companies onto Connect.

“That is where we want to go. Connect becoming the heart of the industrial ecosystem. It is going to transform everything in industry,” he said.

Partner Expertise Key to Digital Transformation

During his keynote, Herzberg also said digital transformation was key to achieving industrial intelligence. However, too many organizations fail without specialist expertise from partners.

“Everyone talks about it, yet only 30% of companies that engage in digital transformation are successful. Seventy percent fail for one fundamental reason: They don’t have access to your skills. They don’t have your knowledge. They don’t have the right IT skills and they don’t have the right OT skills,” he told attendees.

“But those that succeed that are able to leverage your deep skills," he added. "Those that do are able to get tremendous results. They’re able to be more profitable. They’re able to get on average a 300% return on investment. They’re able to become more energy efficient. They are able to reduce their carbon footprint by 15%. They are able to make they are able to do more with less. But they’re only able to do that with your skills, with your knowledge with your deep domain expertise.”

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