6 Top MSSPs Share Their Sales Secrets

Struggling to sell managed security? These six experts have some tips.

Security. Everyone needs it. No one wants to shell out the bucks for it. Despite all of the recent headlines screaming about ransomware, data breaches and slipshod user behavior leading to companies inadvertently leaking customer information to bad people, many businesses dig in their heels when it comes to buying cybersecurity solutions. While you might wish you could get away with tossing them an "I told you so" when their system is hacked and their organization is crippled, that's not a very good way to build a reputation as a trusted adviser. So what's a managed service provider (MSP) to do when faced with stubborn customers living in a state of denial that they'll ever be breached?

It's a sticky wicket for sure, but we've gathered some tips from expert managed security solution providers (MSSPs) who have landed on some sales techniques that resonate with customers. Every service provider is different, and they all have different customer types, but the six tips here might just help you break down those barriers and convince your clients they need to invest in cybersecurity.

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