Kaseya Connect 2014: General Session Day Two Recap

Kaseya on Tuesday continued to push its new cloud-based IT management brand to MSPs at Kaseya Connect 2014 through a variety of speakers and discussion panels. Here's a quick recap.

CJ Arlotta, Associate Editor

April 15, 2014

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Customer panel says Kaseya39s platform is better than any of the other RMM platforms they39ve tested in the past
Customer panel says Kaseya's platform is better than any of the other RMM platforms they've tested in the past.

Kaseya on Tuesday at Kaseya Connect 2014 continued to push its new cloud-based IT management brand to managed services providers (MSPs) via a variety of speakers and discussion panels.

Tomorrow founder and CEO Mike Walsh kicked off this morning’s session by bringing together his vision for technology and human behavior, a conceptual basis behind many of yesterday’s keynote addresses.

Here’s a quick recap of what MSPs may have missed during Tuesday’s general session.

Kaseya Product Marketing Vice President Tom Hayes

A few members of the audience criticized Hayes for not telling stories yesterday about himself, so Hayes decided to mix things up a bit today.

  • Born a marketer, not a doctor. To kick off the show, Hayes told a childhood story about how he was born a marketer, not a doctor. The story consisted of a stethoscope, McDonald’s and two disappointed parents.

Tomorrow founder and CEO Mike Walsh

Tomorrow founder and CEO Mike Walsh conveyed a story of humanity and technology to MSPs in attendance. He tied the relationship between human behavior and technology via a variety of stories from around the globe.

  • Understand humantity to understand technology. How will the future behavior of your customers transform you and your business? Understand your future IT users to design your vision, he said.

  • Mobiles are weapons not devices. Walsh said smartphones are no longer about communication, but reshaping the world around us.

  • Consumerization of tech support delivery. In order for a company to have successful tech support, the technology has to disappear, Walsh noted.

  • NextGEN of technology. The next generation of IT users will have a radically different approach to work and device interaction, based on a childhood of disruptive technology, he said.

  • On the concept of email. Walsh joked about how much workers rely on email. He also said the BCC (blind carbon copy) option on email is evil; it’s the ultimate weapon for office politics.

  • Departments are becoming company-wide capabilities. Automation is a macro trend across all parts of the business, Walsh said. He said IT administrators will become business capability administrators.

  • Virtualization turns work into real time data patterns. Virtualization enables IT administrators to learn about human beings and their work patterns, he said. He added that it’s a lot harder to update the DNA of people than update the way platforms work.

  • The user will develop the technology cycle. The next technology revolution will be human scale, Walsh pointed out. Real innovating comes from being able to see the world through your users eyes, he said.

  • It’s more important to make small decisions. Walsh said making small decisions daily allow businesses to constantly experiment, where they’re able to develop new innovations, ideas.

  • In summary. Walsh said MSPs needs to pay attention to the next generation of users, network capital, platforms and data driven innovations.

Customer Panel: MSP and IT Department Leaders’ Roundtable

What can MSPs expect from Kaseya in product releases going forward? That’s the question LeClair sought to answer during his keynote, which covered the company’s roadmap.

  • Kaseya provides a single pane of glass. The RMM platform assists MSPs with being efficient through a single pane of glass, instead of having to leverage various tools, the panel suggested.

  • The platform’s worst day is better than the best day of others. The panelists agreed that while the Kaseya platform has issues, it’s still a lot better than other RMM platforms in today’s market.

  • Use as many modules you have available to you. Each member of the panel recommended that MSP learn everything they can about the Kaseya platform to get the most out of it for customers.

  • MDM and security are challenges.  MDM and security issues keep many of the panelists awake at night.

Kaseya Technical Experts Panel Discussion Panel

The panel immediately accepted questions from the audience. Many of the questions were geared toward Kaseya’s response time to support inquiries, which many MSPs find to be slower now than it has been in the past.

  • Support for problems in earlier versions. The panelists agreed that problems will not be addressed on platform versions, but the specific problem at hand. If a new release solves the problem, though, Kaseya said it will strongly recommend an upgrade.

  • Will Kaseya fix support issues? According to the panelists, Kaseya has become more strict with patches. Patches are done on a two week cycle, they said. When there’s a larger issue at hand, Kaseya will move itself into an emergency mode to fix the problem.

  • Support communication is still a problem for many MSPs. To alleviate some of these communication pain points, Kaseya’s support team is dedicated to keeping its tickets up-to-date, the panel noted.

Keep checking MSPmentor for additional Kaseya Connect 2014 updates. We’re covering the event to uncover the latest news, gossip and insight.

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