Kaseya Connect 2014: General Session Day One Recap

Kaseya on Monday convened approximately 400 MSPs partners in Las Vegas for Kaseya Connect 2014, where the RMM company unveiled its product roadmap going forward. What did you miss? Here's a quick recap of today's general session.

CJ Arlotta, Associate Editor

April 14, 2014

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Kaseya President and CEO Yogesh Gupta says the RMM company will do a better job of communicating with MSPs
Kaseya President and CEO Yogesh Gupta says the RMM company will do a better job of communicating with MSPs.

Kaseya on Monday convened approximately 400 managed service provider (MSP) partners in Las Vegas for Kaseya Connect 2014, where the remote monitoring and management (RMM) company unveiled its product roadmap going forward.

Kaseya President and CEO Yogesh Gupta discussed several initiatives during his keynote speech, but focused primarily on cloud and how the RMM company plans to become The IT Management Cloud Company.

Here’s a quick recap of what MSPs may have missed during this morning’s general session.

Kaseya Product Marketing Vice President Tom Hayes

Technology is everywhere, especially on the Vegas Strip, Hayes told MSPs. If attendees are looking to go out and enjoy the Vegas nightlife, be on the lookout for the mobile paparazzi, Hayes warned.

  • What happens in Vegas stays in the cloud for life. Hayes told MSPs about consumer surveillance on the Vegas Strip. According to him, there are more than 1,000 mobile devices in the hands of users on the Vegas Strip. In other words: What happens in Vegas, no longer stays in Vegas.

Kaseya President and CEO Yogesh Gupta 

Kaseya has plans to move further into the cloud and bring its channel partners along for the ride. Gupta wants MSPs to take control of the cloud, but will MSPs budge? Gupta outlined his company’s roadmap during his keynote speech.

  • Change is accelerating in the world of technology. The mobile space has exploded at a rate that nobody expected, Gupta said. He said more than 2.5 billion devices have been shipped between 2007 and 2014. These mobile devices are connected to the cloud, he said.

  • Take control of the cloud. Gupta praised several leading cloud services, including Dropbox, Salesforce.com and Microsoft Office 365, during his keynote presensation.

  • Big data and analytics. The cloud has led to an explosion in big data and analytics, Gupta said. He stressed that big data is not about the volume, but the context. This space will become more interesting through the Internet of things (IoT), he said.

  • The evolution of IT. He noted that apps have made way for IaaS and SaaS. Today’s complex world brings together mobile, big data, analytics, IaaS, SaaS and virtualization, he said.

  • Change creates opportunity. Gupta said opportunity expands markets themselves. There’s opportunity not only at the enterprise level, but with SMBs, too, he said. With the consumerization of IT, the value of technology that can be powered to SMBs becomes more valuable to them, he noted.

  • Change also creates challenge. MSPs have to be able to manage it all (e.g., mobile devices, cloud services, etc.), he said. Gupta said the largest challenge for MSPs is meeting customer demand; there are increasing expectations. The consumerization of IT is driving these challenges, he noted.

  • IT management’s journey to the cloud. Kaseya has more than 10,000 customers with more than 10 million endpoints, he said. IT management is “absolutely moving to the cloud,” he said.

  • Kaseya’s vision. Be the de-facto IT Management Cloud Platform for MSPs and mid-market enterprises.

  • How will Kaseya brand itself in the future?: The IT Management Cloud Company.

  • What is Kaseya working on to make it different?: Gupta said Kaseya will focus on three main areas to make it different: command centrally, manage remotely and automate everything.

  • Kaseya’s approach. Kaseya’s approach is to build trust, innovate, be agile, focus and communicate, Gupta said.

  • Innovation includes acquisitions. To Gupta, acquiring other companies is one way to get ahead of the game. The most important thing after an acquisition is an integration, he said. The company will continue to acquire companies, but Gupta also wants to innovate more internally.

Kaseya Product Management EVP Don LeClair

What can MSPs expect from Kaseya in product releases going forward? That’s the question LeClair sought to answer during his keynote, which covered the company’s roadmap.

  • The next step. Release 7.0 will be launched in May 2014. LeClair said Kaseya’s goals for the next release include being able to connect in less than six seconds, 99 percent reliability and performing well over latent connections.

  • Asset management, automation desk and network monitoring. Kaseya will deploy a software deployment update for its asset management feature and upgrade its automation desk feature with a QuickBooks integration, LeClair said. Network monitoring will also be fully integrated into the virtual system administrator in the upcoming release, he said.

  • Secure computing and revamped education. Kaseya will be debuting its Application Firewall in its 7.0 release, LeClair said. Also for secure computing, the new release will include Agent Procedure signing, he said. Kaseya is also launching a new Kaseya University, he said.

  • MDM and BYOD. For MDM, the new release adds app management, includes corporate app distribution, updates agents for latest OS supports and cloud components, and fixes key MDM messaging issues, he said.

  • 365 Command update. 365 Command will provide new Office 365 SharePoint administrative support and more, LeClair said.

  • Release 8.0 will be launched in September. LeClair said the plan for the release includes enterprise mobile management (EMM) version 1.0, which includes delivery on the VSA platform, provides one mobile module, enables Office 365 SharePoint authorization for Docs, updates apps iOS 8 release and integrates UI for MDM and BYOD

  • Remote control (project Palantir). New remote control features in 8.0 will establish private remote control sessions, enable shadow support for terminal servers, show session bandwidth and latency stats, and more, he said.

  • NSM and backup. Kaseya plans to create a unified discovery engine in 8.0, LeClair said. In addition, the company will include a beta backup module, which supports both Kaseya add-ons and technology partner solutions, he said.

  • The general 2015 roadmap for Kaseya. LeClair said the RMM company plans to simplfy and integrate more in its VSA. Kaseya also plans to support Windows Phone for EMM, and develop its cloud application management feature even further, he said.

Kaseya CTO Prakash Khot

Khot reviewed what drives technology, and how those drivers are transforming solutions and products in the industry.

  • There are three drivers of IT. BYO-IT, innovative enterprise apps, and big data and analytics are three drivers of IT, Khot noted.

  • Dimensions of transformation. There are several dimensions of transformation, including innovative apps, devices, mobility, social, cloud, speed and big data, he said.

  • The true IT management cloud. Khot said Kaseya is looking to provide an IT management cloud PaaS to assist MSPs with building what they want, building how they want it, scale as needed and run with trust.

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