2023 MSP 501 Channel Disruptors: These Companies Are Shaking Things Up

We used key data points to determine those partner businesses that are true industry disruptors.

Channel Futures Staff

September 25, 2023

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One definition of a “disruptor” is a company that challenges current business models and product and service offerings by using innovative approaches to enter new markets and gain new customers, all while increasing revenue. That description fits most high-performing MSPs. Today, we introduce you to those channel disruptors that topped the Channel Futures MSP 501 ranking of the best managed service providers in the world. 

As part of the MSP 501 application process and analysis, we ask channel partners of all business types to provide detailed information on their technology solutions and customer engagements. This data gives our research team the ability to develop benchmarks in a wide range of areas such as cloud, cybersecurity, growth rates and profitability, among others. We endeavored to develop a list of disruptors as it pertains to their go-to-market strategy.

In today’s industry, companies that are perceived and branded as channel disruptors are those investing in leading-edge solutions, maintaining above-industry growth rates and bringing innovations that enable clients to realize their goals and beat the competition. By all measures, we compiled our disruptors using a blend of science and art, with our editorial team and research experts providing the best possible guidelines around what defines a true channel disruptor. 

The 2023 MSP 501 rankings have been released! Get started here with our series of slideshows that rank the winners. Looking for a complete download of the winners in one easy-to-view document? That’s here.

Channel Disruptors Check Several Key Boxes

To come up with our list of Top 25 Channel Futures MSP 501 Disruptors, we took the managed service providers from the Channel Futures MSP 501 2023 ranking that generated at least 90% of their revenue from managed services, professional services and recurring cloud revenue. That data was from their 2022 financial performance, the year the survey covered. We also looked for companies that marketed their solutions through webinars, seminars and targeted email.

Furthermore, we targeted MSPs that added employees or acquired companies. We felt there was a good chance they did so to build up the talent needed to develop new services and solutions, and to gain clients in new markets, industries and verticals. The result is a list of MSP 501 Channel Disruptors who are clearly a unique breed. They harness innovation to help their customers use technology to accelerate their businesses.  

Here’s a deeper dive into some of the key statistics provided by the Channel Futures MSP 501 Disruptors, which included two MSPs in Canada, one in Australia and the rest spread across the United States.  

  • Growth: Average revenue growth rate was about 21%, recurring revenue growth 25%, and EBITDA growth about 30%.

  • Revenue Mix: On average, 66% of their revenue was generated by managed services, 15% by professional services/project work, and 11% by recurring cloud. 

  • Service Fees: The average monthly rates charged by the 12 MSPs that provided the number was $152.50 per user, and $62.13 per device. 

  • Hourly Rates: The average hourly rates charged by the 22 MSPs that provided the number were $160.45 for technical services, $197.23 for professional services, and $246.75 for specialty services.  

  • SOC Hop: Twelve ran in-house SOCs, 11 outsourced their SOCs to a third party, and two didn’t offer the service.

See our slideshow above to see which members of the exclusive Channel Futures MSP 501 made our list of top channel disruptors. Then, for a deeper dive on the Top 25 Disruptors, go here to view our Omdia channel research reports.

For more in-depth analysis regarding the most disruptive MSPs in the channel, checkout the latest free analyst insight from Channel Futures and Omdia, “Breaking Boundaries: The Most Disruptive MSPs in the Channel.The insight provides an analyst perspective on the key attributes that define a channel disruptor which IT vendors and suppliers can factor into their partner program designs to attract these elite MSPs.

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