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March 18, 2010

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Paragon Software Offers Corporate Migration For Windows

Paragon Software, whose expertise is in data management and security, is launching  Virtualization Manager 2010 Corporate Edition. The software could help VARs and solutions providers with Windows environment software migrations. Here’s a quick look at the potential benefits.

Virtualization Manager 2010 Corporate has been designed with — you guessed it — the corporate environment in mind. It strives to provide easy and versatile high-end migration capabilities in corporate  Windows environments. In other words, it’s designed for Windows-based computer systems that need to be transferred to different environment. And we’re not talking just physical, you can swap that image anywhere — physical to virtual, virtual to physical, physical to physical or virtual to virtual.

Anyone’s who’s done a simple hard drive swap knows it’s driver hell getting that Windows system to boot again, so that’s where Paragon’s Smart Driver Injector comes in.  The injector apparently does exactly what’d you expect, inject the right drivers fast and easy. Meanwhile, “an online processing of locked (in-use) hard disks enables migration” without having to reboot Windows and interrupt the image transfer.

How does the rest of the stuff work? With Paragon’s fancy unique software of course, including…

  • Paragon Adaptive Restore solves boot problems after an unsuccessful migration attempt by a third party by enabling users to make any Win2K system bootable on dissimilar hardware through automatic injection of all required drivers.

  • Paragon VIM (Virtual Image Management) enables the user to work with virtual disks as if they are actual physical hard disks.

  • Connect VD (Virtual Disk) is the latest functionality based on Paragon VIM that provides easy and efficient access to virtual disks directly from the program’s interface.

All of it’s designed for “Smooth and cost-effective system migration,” according to Tom Fedro, president of Paragon Software Group.

There’s a list a mile long of all the key features, but here’s a few good ones:

  • Supports any Windows OS since Windows 2000, including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Supports major virtual machines, including Virtual Server & Hyper-V R1/R2, VMware ESX Server, Sun Virtual Box, Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and Virtual PC 7, VMware Player, and Workstation 4.0 and Fusion 1.0-3.0

  • Recovers the OS startup ability after unsuccessful virtualization by a 3rd party tool or different hardware platform

  • VD Data Transfer — exchanges data between physical environments and virtual ones or between a virtual disk and its snapshots

  • Hot processing of locked (in-use) hard disks to migrate a computer without rebooting and interrupting Windows

If you want to get it, it’s out now. Plus, Paragon Software is also has their hand in the mobile productivity applications for devices, if you’re interested…

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