MSP 501 Profile: QOS Networks Has Its Eye on Network Integration

501-er QOS Networks talks about the IoT and AI, overall network security and the increased adoption of SD-WAN.

Allison Francis

December 6, 2019

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Network integration

Company Name: QOS Networks
Company MSP 501 Rank: 285
Vice President of Marketing: Stefanie Whittington
Headquartered: Irvine, California
Primary Services:

• Edge-as-a-Service
• Managed Wi-Fi
• Managed and Professional Services
• Network Integrations and Custom Dev

Twitter: @qosnetworks

QOS Networks, like many companies, has seen the writing on the wall in terms of network security. Customers are increasingly hyper-aware of their security practices (or lack thereof) and are taking steps to ensure that their company’s data is protected.


QOS’s Stefanie Whittington

As QOS vice president of marketing Stefanie Whittington points out, with new technologies and platforms like IoT and AI coming into the fold, overall network security and configurations will be increasingly critical.

Here, Whittington talks about AI and the IoT and their increasing role, overall network security and the increased adoption of SD-WAN.

Channel Futures: How does your organization differentiate itself from other MSPs? 

Stefanie Whittington: QOS Networks is a unique MSP in that we’ve focused our business around the network and with that, have solidified ourselves as one of a small handful of enterprise-ready network providers.

With our large team of network engineers, we’ve been able to develop our own procedures and automation to streamline the network deployment process. As such, we can regularly deploy enterprises with thousands of sites in a matter of days, instead of months. This is thanks to the QOS Wonka platform that takes innovation and automation to MSP processes and delivers speed and agility for our customers.

CF: Where do you see your biggest growth areas in the next 12-24 months? 

SW: QOS Networks has put a major focus around delivering the latest and greatest network solutions to our customers. With that said, customers today are highly aware of their security practices and ensuring their company’s data is protected. As new technologies and platforms like IoT and AI come into the fold, the overall network security and configurations will be increasingly critical.

IoT capabilities are being implemented into corporate networks on a regular basis, including retailers, manufacturing, health care and more. With each new technology, there comes more possibilities for points of failure and vulnerabilities. The network can be the key to managing and monitoring these points of vulnerability and ultimately can help enterprises be prepared for security changes.

Secondly, a major growth area is around the integration side of the network. Each enterprise today is unique in that they have cloud connectivity, SaaS apps, custom apps, specific business processes, custom programs and the list goes on. Enterprises need to have a streamlined approach with their network to allow for better performance, more productivity and…

…higher revenues. That can start with the network.

CF: What was the single biggest technology or business decision that drove your company’s growth in 2017? How did it do so? 

SW: The increased adoption of SD-WAN has been a critical driver for QOS Networks. Around 2014, QOS bet on the technology and saw the massive potential that it had for businesses. As the cloud continued to grow in popularity, organizations were realizing that legacy network connectivity was not going to be able to support high bandwidth requirements without drastically increasing spend. As it has continued, more and more businesses have integrated additional complexities into their branches, home offices, corporate centers and storefronts, leading to a requirement that networks need to keep up.

Since then, QOS has become the resident expert on how to integrate the latest technologies into our customer’s networks. With a full staff of network engineers, we’re able to dive into the nitty-gritty of a network and determine the best configuration, integration strategy and solutions to keep it running at peak performance. Furthermore, QOS also specializes in network monitoring, meaning customers always have a resource when it comes to keeping their networks up and running smoothly.

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