Chrome Browser Now Available on Google Android 4.0 Devices

Dave Courbanou

February 9, 2012

Google Chrome, the browser that spun off the sensation of Chrome OS and more, is now coming to that other ubiquitous Google platform, Android. Why? How? What? It’s not that complicated, it’s just a browser. Here’s what Android devices can look forward to.

Google realizes browsers can be portals to more than web pages: they’re home base for browsing, bookmarks and more. Building Chrome for Android (but only Android 4.0, a.k.a., Ice Cream Sandwich) brings that desktop experience down to a tiny ready-to-go package. Google also understands the mobile lifestyle, so Chrome for Android comes outfitted with a bunch of features that make moving from your desktop to your tablet or phone seamless. So, what are all these cool new features?

  • Tabs: Not groundbreaking, but always appreciated. Google Chrome for Android features a more elegant tabbing system.

  • Sign-in and Sync: Sign into Google Chrome on your Android device and suddenly your desktop favorites and personal settings get synchronized across.

  • Get Up and Go: Once synchronized, users can choose to have their desktop Chrome tabs already loaded up and available on their Android phone. Pick up where you left off reading or researching without worrying about bookmarking or sending a list of links to your phone.

  • Privacy: The infamous incognito mode is here in Chrome for Android, making it easy to ensure web browsing activity is conducted completely in private.

Google even produced a cute little video about it all:

into Chrome OS in the future remains to be seen. I anticipate a lot of crossover, but I think Chrome OS will stick around.


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