Igneous, unstructured data protection specialists, enhance existing product offers with backup and archive services.

Lynn Haber

September 23, 2019

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Cloud Backup

Igneous, specialists in unstructured data protection, on Monday announced product enhancements – archive as a service and backup as a service – to its existing DataDiscover, now generally available, and DataProtect offers. 

Igneous focuses on unstructured file data management. Unstructured file data as the predominant workflow is commonly found in markets such as life sciences, electronic design automation, and media and entertainment. In these industries, digital assets primarily are unstructured file data such as geospatial data, media data, clinical data, algorithmic trading, energy exploration models and biotech and pharmaceutical research data, for example. 

“From a customer perspective, they tell us that their main challenges are around protecting all of their data, data visibility in order to make better decisions, and moving data between things,” Christian Smith, vice president of products at Igneous, told Channel Futures. 

Today’s news is around the company’s DataProtect product and using the cloud as the primary tier for DataProtect.  


Igneous Systems’ Christian Smith

“In the last few months, two things have changed — new tiers from AWS, Azure and Google mean using the cloud as a tape replacement strategy because price points are very low. Most customers have a 10GB direct connect to their favorite cloud provider and the price points for bandwidth has come down significantly over the last year,” said Smith. “Which means that when you talk to customers now, it’s not about what hardware I’m deploying, but how do I enable more cloud capabilities in my environment?” 

Backup and archive are two top hot points for customers that want to move data out of the data center. 

The first enhanced service is DataProtect: Backup as a Service, a software-only version utilizing AWS Glacier Deep Archive and AWS Glacier as a target for backup. The service features include scalability – index for billions of files and scale-out virtual machines; single management view for multiple sites and multiple virtual machines; and security – customer account for data and encrypted data in flight. 

The second enhancement to existing services is DataProtect: Archive as a Service.  

“What’s held back archiving in the past has been is having the visibility to do it and the ability to execute a plan quickly and easily without babysitting. The DataDiscover is the view; DataProtect is what executes that movement through one-click archive of moving that data to the cloud,” said Smith. “Now you can go find those projects, click a button, apply a policy to an archive and it will be moved to the cloud where it will be indexed and searchable for easy discovery and recovery.” 

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