How Cloudnet Creates a Customer Service Domino Effect

The customer service domino effect comes from how you architect your service, the culture you instill and the partners you choose.

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“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” You’ve heard this saying before. But have you considered applying this mindset to something bigger than simply holding the door open for the person behind you? Managed hosting company Cloudnet has; the company’s core principle is to provide exceptional customer service to its customers.

Based in Sweden, Cloudnet focuses on making life easier for designers and developers by providing managed hosting for WordPress, PHP, Node.js, Java and Python. Cloudnet is known for its quick response to inquiries and for proactively alerting customers to potential issues and solutions. They also provide free migrations, DNS services and no-cost testing environments during development.

How does the Cloudnet team have time to do all of this and still have lives outside of work? Cloudnet co-founders Anders Brundin and Magnus Appelquist say the answer lies in how you architect your service, the culture you instill and the partners you choose.

That’s where Linode comes in. With 11 data centers around the world, Linode manages a lot of the underlying hardware and network infrastructure so Cloudnet can focus on its customers and its applications further up the stack instead of data center operations. With Linode playing a pivotal part in Cloudnet’s multi-cloud strategy, Anders, Magnus and their team can quickly and easily provide the right solutions for their customers and support a worldwide roster of website and application developers.

Just as Cloudnet makes life easier for its customers, Linode makes life easier for Cloudnet by providing the same high level of customer service. “If there ever is a problem, we know the Linode team,” said Anders. “We have a strong assurance of being able to reach someone who will really care. That’s what allows us to pursue our passions like traveling, hiking, snowboarding and surfing.”

A personal relationship sets Linode apart from public cloud providers like AWS or Google Cloud. “We’ve tried all the providers there are, and Linode has been one that has been the most stable and best suited for us,” said Anders. “We’ve met the people at Linode, we’ve been to their offices, and, from the beginning, we had a great technician-to-technician connection. If we don’t get the personal touch, it doesn’t work for us.”

In turn, while Cloudnet handles its customers’ operations performance, developers can focus their energy strictly on developing without having to worry about monitoring, backup, support, updates and upgrades. Cloudnet’s customers’ customers get top-grade websites and applications with no hassle.

Often forgotten, and you may even think it’s childish, but this Golden Rule mindset is what has changed the game for Cloudnet, and developed a relationship that extends to customers and providers in both directions. Try it out, and choose partners that are willing to continue the domino effect. This shared service philosophy has been the simple but crucial secret ingredient for Cloudnet—it could be yours, too.

Sam Smith is a Senior Customer Success Specialist at Linode, where he works with the company’s customers and partners, which include managed service providers, systems integrators and specialized service providers.



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