Overlooking what’s enclosing rack systems means overlooking customers’ needs and a potential revenue stream.

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February 22, 2023

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Think outside the rack enclosure box

By literally and figuratively thinking “outside” the box — the rack enclosure box, that is — channel partners can increase revenue while providing their customers with increased performance and peace of mind.

Most of us are familiar with the adage “It’s what’s on the inside that counts the most.” However, this saying falls flat when it comes to the rack enclosures tasked with housing critical IT equipment. Customer conversations around data center infrastructure solutions tend to focus on critical internal elements such as uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and power distribution units (PDUs), but overlooking what’s on the outside means overlooking customers’ needs and a potential revenue stream.

Judge These Books by Their Covers

The metal enclosures that enable the assemblage of IT products into a reliable, workable solution deserve much more attention.

That’s because today’s enclosures can do significantly more than simply serve as a shell for IT equipment. Rather, many modern rack enclosures can be viewed as small “data centers in a box,” equipped with sophisticated features that enhance security, improve air flow, speed deployment and deliver other important advantages.

As a technology partner, it’s important to be able to articulate to customers the business benefit of enclosures that are more than just a commodity with no differentiating features. And, because the rack market is growing fast, communicating that what’s on the outside really is important provides channel partners with a great opportunity to increase revenue.

Conserving Space, Enhancing Security

For example, Eaton offers a range of wall-mounted solutions for distributed IT deployments in which space-saving form factors are paramount. Eaton enclosures also enable customers to mount IT equipment vertically, conserving valuable floor space when only 5U to 6U of equipment is needed.

Safe self-service is also a factor: Solutions like those from Eaton enable customers to avoid common safety hazards associated with keys by using remote access control systems, such as the IP-based Tan-Lock. The modular access control system offers seven different authentication technologies to meet a wide variety of customers’ requirements for securing rack enclosures.

Cooling Considerations

Eaton also demonstrates an understanding of the vital requirement of facilitating airflow around IT equipment. Its new line of rugged, NEMA-rated enclosures is designed to withstand harsh environments — providing protection against dust and heat — and it features a top-of-rack cooling system. A compelling solution for customers exploring edge computing, the rack series protects the devices it houses at a competitive price point.

Benefits of Thinking “Outside” the Box

Eaton’s racks are also designed to be easy to install racks, speeding up the deployment process and eliminating the often time-consuming (and thus costly) process of assembling and populating an enclosure.

For channel partners, Eaton’s vast catalog of enclosures, selection guides, and wide array of connectivity and peripheral solutions can complement to the sale of core UPS and rack PDU product lines. By thinking “outside” the box, these solutions can help partners meet customer needs while maximizing sales and leveraging lucrative partner program benefits.

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