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6 Things MSPs Should Consider in an MDM Vendor

MDM is critical to businesses today, but not all mobile device management systems are created equal.

July 27, 2021

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By Scalefusion Guest Blogger

Enterprises worldwide are developing strategies to effectively manage their device fleets. IT professionals at many organizations outsource numerous IT services that help reduce management load. The prime focus of managed service providers (MSPs) and resellers lies in forming a trustworthy client base, building recurring revenues and increasing sales margins. To achieve this, master agents, MSPs, value added resellers (VARs), distributors and resellers partner with mobile device management (MDM) providers. MDM solutions give businesses visibility across their device fleets and help them secure and manage corporate- and employee-owned devices with ease. During a time when MDM solutions are critical to businesses, choosing the right device management partner is extremely important for managed service providers, master agents, VARs and resellers.

MSPs and resellers favor MDM solutions that offer a comprehensive set of features with central remote management capabilities that can be used with a large fleet of devices. Here are the principal factors that MSPs should look for when evaluating MDM providers and solutions.

  1. Comprehensive solution

It is important to look for a vendor that offers a feature-rich and comprehensive mobile device management solution. The MDM solution should offer device management capabilities across diverse operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. The solution also should be able to support diverse use cases, such as managing corporate-owned devices, BYOD systems, rugged/handheld devices and custom devices running on Android OS.

  1. Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

MDM solutions must be capable of providing effective features to assist organizations in optimizing their infrastructure, licensing and management costs. Look for an MDM solution that offers good value for its cost, including a single centralized platform that can monitor and manage a diverse range of devices.

  1. Simple pricing plans

MDM pricing plans should be simple, with no hidden charges. Partners should be able to leverage a well-structured pricing plan that accommodates many kinds of organizations, from starter-level businesses to intermediary enterprises.

  1. Sales and technical support

The MDM provider should offer expert-led, complimentary technical training sessions to familiarize partners with the solution’s utilities and features. Also, look for a vendor that provides training for your sales team, to effectively accelerate business growth. Moreover, an ideal MDM solution should include extended benefits, such as pre-sales consultation from implementation experts to help develop MDM deployment and migration plans for diverse business-specific use cases. You also want a vendor that can demonstrate a proven track record for working with staging, kitting and distributors.

  1. Marketing assistance

The MDM provider should be willing to extend marketing assistance with a dedicated team of digital marketing experts that offers sales enablement assets and co-branded collateral to construct joint promotions and campaigns on social media and other communicaitons platforms.

  1. IT team productivity support

MDM solutions should have extensive features designed to ease the workload of IT administrators and IT teams. For example, features such as task automation and scheduled reports enable recurring IT tasks to be automated without complex coding and scripting.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the right mobile device management (MDM) provider is a crucial step in the vendor evaluation journey. MDM solutions like Scalefusion offer device and endpoint management capabilities to secure and manage corporate- and employee-owned devices with diverse operating systems and ownership models.

Partnering with Scalefusion enables MSPs and resellers to put forth market-ready scalable solutions, making it their favored choice among MDM solutions.

To learn more about the Scalefusion partner program, visit https://scalefusion.com/partners.

Amit Ponam is an Enterprise Sales and Channel Partnership Manager at Scalefusion.


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