MSPmentor 100 Global Edition 2012, Companies 20 to 1

Welcome to the 2012 MSPmentor 100 Global Edition, a list of the world's top 100 managed services providers (MSPs). The World's Top Managed Services Providers This page covers managed services providers ranked 20 to 1 for 2012. Download the complete report from our Resource Center (free registration required).

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February 15, 2012

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MSPmentor 100 Global Edition 2012, Companies 20 to 1

Welcome to the 2012 MSPmentor 100 Global Edition, a list of the world’s top 100 managed services providers (MSPs).

The World’s Top Managed Services Providers

  • This page covers managed services providers ranked 20 to 1 for 2012.

  • Download the complete report from our Resource Center (free registration required).

MSPmentor 100, Global Edition 2012, Companies 20 to 1

20. Eze Castle Integration, Boston, Massachusetts, United States: Founded in 1995, Eze Castle Integration now offers IT services and business services to 600 hedge funds and investment management firms. The company has been ranked among the world’s top 25 MSPs two years in a row. President and CEO: John Cahaly

19. SymQuest Group Inc., South Burlington, Vermont, United States: One of the few MSPs on our list to focus intensely on document management and MPS (managed print services). Those have been healthy focus areas for SymQuest, which lifted its recurring revenues 21 percent in 2011. President and CEO: Larry Sudbay

18. Azaleos Corp., Seattle, Washington, United States: One of the world’s best-known providers of managed services focused on Microsoft-centric solutions — including Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Active Directory. Azaleos now has more than 1 million devices/seats under management, and recurring revenues grew 45 percent in 2011. CEO: Phil Van Etten

17. Compushare, South Coast Metro, California, United States: Another prime example of an MSP climbing high and digging deep in a vertical market. Compushare offers technology management services to financial companies and credit unions. The 104-person company also offers cloud-based technology to hedge funds and private equity funds. More than 75 percent of the company’s revenues are recurring. CEO: Romir Bosu

16. Presilient LLC, Broomfield, Colorado, United States: The 45-person company essentially generates all of its revenues from recurring managed services engagements. The company has also launched a partner program to help VARs plug into Presilient’s operational support options — which include server, storage and Oracle-related services. President: Mike Parsons

15. Enterprise Integration, Jacksonville, Florida, United States: Building on its success, Enterprise Integration recently moved into a new headquarters. The 200-person company’s NOC (network operations center) includes a 106-foot-long, 12-foot-high screen that displays clients’ names and current technical problems. Nearly 80 percent of company revenues are recurring. CEO: Michael Locher.

14. Acora Ltd., Burgess Hill, West Sussex, United Kingdom: Instead of depending on flashy industry jargon, Acora continues to brand around dependable IT outsourcing services. Key areas of focus include Microsoft Dynamics services. Within the 115-person company, roughly half of annual revenues come from recurring IT services. CEO: David Rabson

13. Dataprise, Rockville, Maryland, United States: For the second consecutive year, Dataprise is ranked No. 13 on our MSPmentor 100 report. It must be their lucky number… An impressive 85 percent of the company’s revenues involve recurring services, and demand for those recurring services rose a healthy 17.2 percent last year. President and CEO: David Eisner

12. Logicalis, Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States: Logicalis has married communication and collaboration services with managed services and cloud services. So far, that recipe seems to be serving the company well. The 730-person company ranks near the top of our private database tracking annual recurring revenues. President and CEO: Terry Flood

11. Anittel, North Sydney, NSW, Australia: Sometimes, merger and acquisition strategies can pay big dividends. Such is the case at Anittel, which has pursued an M&A strategy to emerge as one of Australia’s top nationwide managed services providers. Recurring revenues more than doubled — heck, they nearly tripled — in 2011. Operations Director Tim Brewer is a familiar name and face at major conferences such as IT Nation. Managing Director: Peter Kazacos

10. Quest Technologies, Sacramento, California, United States: The company’s QuestFlex brand offers a single managed services and cloud services contract, all covered under a single SLA. QuestFlex’s focus includes virtualization, storage, servers, network equipment and VoIP solutions. Customers seem to be embracing the strategy, lifting Quest Technologies’ annual recurring revenues a healthy 66 percent in 2011 — and that growth is coming off a big number in 2010. President and CEO: Tim Burke

9. Synetra Inc., Odessa, Texas, United States: By focusing on government, education and health care, Synetra has managed to score big vertical-market wins while working closely with Cisco, EMC, VMware and NetApp, among other IT partners. One of the smaller MSPs near the top of our list, thanks to its strong recurring revenues. CEO: Paul Sorensen

8. Interactive Data – 7ticks, Chicago, Illinois, United States: If you read our entire MSPmentor 100 list, you may have noticed that many of the best MSPs focus on the financial services vertical. Interactive Data is no exception — with a slightly different focus, which involves financial data analysis. Two-thirds of the company’s revenues are recurring. President: Emmanuel Doe

7. Buchanan Technologies, Grapevine, Texas, United States: This is the fourth time Buchanan has landed on the MSPmentor 100 list. Best known as a large VAR, Buchanan also has a growing, thriving recurring revenue business. Within the 500 person company, 54 percent of the company’s revenues are recurring. CEO: James Buchanan

6. Computer Services, Inc., Paducah, Kentucky, United States: After acquiring HEIT in 2011, Computer Services gained deeper expertise in the financial services vertical, promoting managed and cloud services to credit unions and community banks across North America. General Manager, Managed Services: Dan Holt

5. All Covered, Foster City, California, United States: Another big MSP acquired by a big vendor, All Covered was purchased by Konica Minolta in January 2011. Since that time, All Covered has continued to buy small, regional MSPs and IT service providers as well. Nearly 50 percent of All Covered’s revenues are recurring. President: Todd Croteau

4. Brennan VDI, Sydney, NSW, Australia: Founded in 1997, Brennan avoided tiny customer engagements and focused on Australia’s mid-market businesses. Overall revenues showed nominal growth in 2011, but a big portion of those revenues — really big — involved managed services at the 160-person company. Managing Director: David Stevens

3. NIU Solutions, London, United Kingdom: For the second time in two years, NIU ranks among the world’s top three MSPs. Formed through the merger and acquisition of several companies in 2009, NIU focuses on the converged telecom and IT markets. So far, so good. The 120-person company gets 80 percent of its revenues from recurring services. CEO: Gary Woodward

2. mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc., Waltham, Massachusetts, United States: After acquiring multiple MSPs over the past decade, mindSHIFT itself was acquired by Best Buy in late 2011, and the deal was finalized in early 2012. The company manages more than 34,000 customer systems and more than 3,300 servers. Over the past four years, mindSHIFT has been ranked at or near the top of the MSPmentor 100 list. Chairman and CEO: Paul Chisholm

1. Long View Systems, Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Say hello to the repeat champion. For the second consecutive year, Long View landed at the top of our MSPmentor 100 Global Report. Director of Cloud Services Kevin Crowe continues to provide steady guidance as Long View further expands its managed services business while accelerating the cloud business. Long View manages roughly 35,000 customer systems — servers, desktops, mobile devices, network infrastructure, etc. Plus, the 903-person company somehow achieved economies of scale, lifting recurring revenues a healthy 13 percent in 2011, an impressive figure for a large business. CEO: Don Bialik

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