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Live Blog: Oracle Pluggable Database 12c for Private CloudLive Blog: Oracle Pluggable Database 12c for Private Cloud

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) President Mark Hurd's OpenWorld 2012 keynote this morning covered Oracle's four top priorities, plus Engineered Systems and its cloud implications.

The VAR Guy

October 1, 2012


Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) President Mark Hurd’s OpenWorld 2012 keynote this morning covered Oracle’s four top priorities, plus Engineered Systems and its cloud implications. Then, Andy Mendelsohn, senior VP, database and server technologies, described how Database 12c and its pluggable architecture (aka a  plug-in container architecture) advances Oracle’s private cloud strategy and also benefits public cloud partners. He’s the view from The VAR Guy.

The VAR Guy will update this blog multiple times so check back often.

On Stage: Mark Hurd

  • He’s describing the four-part strategy: (1) Offering a complete stack that’s (2) integrate the stack (3) offer complete choice on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid and (4) focus on vertical market industries.

  • He claimed Oracle Engineered Systems — hardware and software designed to work together — are simplified scalable and integrated. Hurd also claims the Engineered Systems deliver 100 times performance in many areas. If a report took 100 minutes before now it takes one.

  • Most customers are paying $8,000 to $10,000 per terabyte to storage, driving up IT budgets 2 to 3 percent per year just to chase storage. Oracle can change that economic model dramatically, he claimed.

  • Oracle spends $5 billion in R&D and has 34,000 engineers, Hurd mentioned.

  • First database to natively support cloud computing.

On Stage: Senior VP Juan Loaiza

  • He’s explaining the Exadata strategy

  • Server, storage and networking converge, including scale-out server technology

  • On the storage side, also a big transformation with scale-out architecture

  • “There’s really 2 big advantages to a scale-out architecture. You eliminate the bottlenecks and you take advantage of industry standard high-volume hardware.”

  • “In the networking world, it’s all about unified networking: One network for computer to computer communications, and computer to storage networking.”

  • “We’re putting database intelligence directly into storage.”

  • “Second-generation of Flash technology is being engineered into Exadata systems, involving smart PCI Flash Caching.”

  • Half of Exadata deployments are warehouses, half are online transaction processing (OLTP) or mixed workload, he mentioned.

  • New Exadata X3 database strategy involves loads of memory. The VAR Guy will share details on video later.

On Stage Now: Nat Natarajan, VP, Technology Operations, PayPal

  • Chose Exadata to run 10 times faster with essentially zero downtime.

  • Pilot took to or three weeks. Within 60 days, went from pilot to using Exadata for part of business decision platform.

Andy Mendelsohn, Senior VP, Database and Server Technologies

  • He’s covering Big Data and the Database 12C strategy

  • “Top to bottom we have engineered systems” that cover Big Data Appliances (for Hadoop, etc.).

  • Watch the Endeca technology on the Big Data front.

  • 78% of CIOs are looking at deploying private clouds, Gartner found. “Five years ago it was consolidation; now it’s called private cloud.”

  • “In a cloud you’re pooling resources and storage.” So Oracle continues to pitch its clustering, resource management and Exadata (the foundation building block for Oracle public cloud) as a customer building blog for private cloud.

  • The big shift with 12c involves a Plug-in architecture. Basically, there’s a database container that holds multiple smaller databases. This will ease administration, maintenance, and scalability, Oracle asserts. The idea is to consolidate multiple databases into the container to gain the economies of scale, he said.

  • The Pluggable Database approach also allows admins to manage containers as a whole rather than individual databases. Imagine there are 200 databases in the primary Database Container. The admin can backup all of those 200 databases in a single step, using the primary Database Container, he said.

  • The Pluggable Database also offers the same benefit on the public cloud.

  • Well hello there: NBA Great Jerry West just showed up to discuss dreams, teamwork and management.

Recap From Yesterday

Hurd yesterday touched on Oracle’s cloud strategy as well, which includes a partner program he discussed yesterday (see first FastChat video).

Note: The VAR Guy recorded both FastChat videos during Hurd’s partner keynote Oct. 30 (yesterday), delivered to channel partners. Today’s keynote targets the broader OpenWorld attendee base — CIOs, database administrators, independent software vendors (ISVs) and more.

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