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MSPs can celebrate World Backup Day by following these best practices for selling backup services.

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World Backup Day
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March 31 is World Backup Day, a global tech celebration meant to remind everyone how important it is to back up their data. It’s also a good time for MSPs to brush up on their sales pitches for managed backup and data recovery services, which are critical to ensuring the safety of client data but often very difficult to sell.

Why is that? Everyone seems to know, at some level, that backing up data is important. Just about everyone has lost a file at some point because they didn’t back up information. The problem with convincing clients to invest in a managed backup solution is usually rooted in one or more of the following issues:

  • Clients may assume that a cloud provider or solution provider is already backing up their data.

  • They may have purchased an off-the-rack backup solution on their own.

  • They may not understand the risk they face by not backing up their data.

That is why having a serious conversation about data backup is essential for your clients and your bottom line. It’s also critical to be prepared to answer common objections before making this type of sale.

One of the most common misperceptions MSPs come across with their clients, for example, is the belief that Office 365 data is already being backed up. While this is true, those files are only available for a short period of time. Explaining this to your clients can go a long way toward convincing them of the need for backup services. Some clients may also think that an archiving service is also a backup service. Yet, what they may not realize is that their current data is not yet archived. Further, clients may feel that backup is too expensive because they don’t understand the cost of data loss and downtime.

Best Practices for Backup Sales

Successfully selling backup services requires client education and a user-friendly solution portfolio. Here are a few tips that can help seal the deal:

  • Train your sales team. Ensure your team’s confidence in explaining the value of backup and data recovery and craft a solution that will meet the client’s needs. It will be easier to demonstrate your company’s expertise that way. Leverage any vertical market knowledge or regional expertise to tie backup to specific regulatory or compliance requirements.

  • Sell reliability and peace of mind. Backup is not just a commodity service, although clients may view it that way. A properly designed backup strategy is a critical component of business continuity and reliability, particularly as ransomware and other cyberattacks continue to expand.

  • Use real-world examples to demonstrate the value of backup. These can include market data on the cost of data loss and downtime, along with examples of companies that suffered the consequences of not backing up their data. Conversely, you could also provide examples of clients or other companies that were able to save the day using backup and data recovery. The point is to illustrate the potential costs involved in data loss.

  • Explain the need for backup in a cloud environment. With so many applications and services moving to the cloud, clients may assume several other vendors already back up their data. Show them that this is not generally the case and how cloud backup provides a powerful complement to the data retention practices of their cloud application providers (which are often governed by time or storage limits).

  • Offer a limited number of easy-to-understand solutions. Having too many backup systems available increases the management overhead for the MSP without adding much value for the client.

  • Upsell or cross-sell backup to existing clients as part of a package. For example, backup can be bundled with email protection, antivirus, cloud data protection and other services. Handling critical business data for these clients can help keep them more tightly committed to your business relationship.

  • Implement flexible pricing strategies based on client needs. SMBs are price-conscious when investing in these types of services, so be prepared to get creative regarding pricing structures and bundling.

By educating clients and focusing on business value, MSPs can generate new revenue and ensure that client data remains secure and available. World Backup Day is a great time to send a reminder to your client list about the value of these services and get the conversation started.

Karen Ward is Director, North America MSP Partner Development for Barracuda MSP.

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