In a recent Sophos survey of organizations hit by ransomware, those that paid up only got 65% of their encrypted files back.

April 12, 2022

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PRESS RELEASE — CHANNEL PARTNERS CONFERENCE & EXPO, LAS VEGAS, April 12 — Redstor (Booth 2039, a CP Expo featured sponsor and also an MSP Summit exhibitor), the category-leading data management and SaaS protection company, today announces the latest advancement in a technology that enables the detection and removal of malware from backups.

Most organisations have a form of anti-virus protection on their on-prem or cloud infrastructure, but if that is breached, it leaves their backups exposed to attack as well.

With malware continuing to grow in scope and sophistication, often it will hide undetected inside business networks for longer than any retention policy as it seeks out and infects backups.

This can be catastrophic. In a recent Sophos survey of organisations hit by ransomware, those that paid up only got 65% of their encrypted files back – a third of their data remained inaccessible.

If businesses are called upon to recover fast they need to know that their backups are safe. To enable this Redstor has developed an advanced, machine-learning model to detect, isolate and delete malware in backups, from servers, laptops, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Although antivirus is best at crushing more established cyber threats like trojan horses and worm viruses from a USB or an email attachment, anti-malware is typically quicker to update its rules, providing the best protection against new malware encountered while surfing the net.

Redstor’s AI-infused platform takes this one step further, constantly evolving and learning, based upon user behaviours, rather than requiring manual software upgrades to stay relevant.

This provides a powerful additional layer of protection that complements existing antivirus software.

Our machine-learning model:

  • searches for key indicators exhibited by malware

  • preserves the integrity of critical data, which is encrypted at source, in transit and at rest

  • checks for malware outside an organisation’s environment, so there is no impact on resources

  • avoids the need for a user to configure or install anything or carry out upgrades

  • continues to train itself, based on results and the latest real-world threats, as it refines and improves its accuracy

Paul Evans, CEO at Redstor, said: “It is best practice to use different products to increase overall detection capability – and Redstor helps provide assurance that if malware, including ransomware, is found in a backup, a safe version can quickly and easily be restored.

“Every time a file is marked as safe or otherwise, our machine-learning model trains itself to become more accurate in detecting malicious files. We continue to refine the AI, based on real-world events and the advent of new forms of malware.”

With a smart, globally scalable cloud-based platform, purpose-built for MSPs, Redstor is making it simple for partners to quickly strengthen their customers’ security standing.

At a time of inflationary pressures and an IT skills shortage, MSPs also benefit from simple pricing and fast onboarding of a solution that requires no hardware to buy or manage, is easy to sell and enables customers to take up a trial in minutes, returning quick time to value.

With a single, unified interface for smart data management and no bolting together of multiple solutions, MSPs can view data in one place.

Whether data is stored on customer laptops or in Virtual Machines, on infrastructure or in a rapidly growing range of SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or Salesforce CRM, it can all be managed quickly and easily without switching between different solutions.

About Redstor
Redstor, the MSP’s backup and recovery platform, is the simplest, smartest way to serve customers and drive profitability. Built for the cloud and fast to scale, we protect modern, legacy and SaaS infrastructure with a single app. Breakthrough prioritised streaming delivers instant data access and mobility, bringing users back in seconds after outages. AI finds and removes malware for safe restores. It’s just three clicks to get started – no hardware or integration needed. With best-in-class net revenue retention, bigger margins, clear pricing, powerful marketing tools and 24×7 support, Redstor is the growth engine for MSPs. To learn why we’re trusted by more than 40,000 clients, visit

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