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New Talari Products Expand SD-WAN Options

This technology widens Talari’s market footprint by increasing the deployment options available to enterprises including an optical interface, virtual appliances and enhanced cloud capabilities.

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August 24, 2015

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New Talari Products Expand SD-WAN Options

PRESS RELEASE — SAN JOSE, Calif. — Aug. 24, 2015 — Talari, the technology innovator and market share leader of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions that help businesses perform brilliantly with the creation of a smart network that proactively manages capacity, quality and performance, announced today new appliances – both physical and virtual – and an update to Talari’s patented Adaptive Private Networking (APN) operating system. This technology widens Talari’s market footprint by increasing the deployment options available to enterprises including an optical interface, virtual appliances and enhanced cloud capabilities. Talari’s newest solutions will be publicly demonstrated for the first time at VMworld 2015, San Francisco, Aug. 30-Sept.3, booth 2607.

“Talari currently dominates the SD-WAN market with more than 50 percent market share and more than five years of customer deployment expertise and we are continuing to expand our product line informed by customer insights and our vision of the software defined enterprise,” said Emerick Woods, president and CEO, Talari. “Rather than force our customers to fit within a proscribed network architecture or vendor-defined deployment model, Talari’s goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that allows companies with a range of network architectures and deployment models to take advantage of the benefits of SD-WAN. This release increases our target market opportunity and will help us maintain and extend our current lead in the SD-WAN market.”

Talari Virtual Appliance VT500:

The Talari Appliance VT500 is a virtual software-only appliance that runs on VMWare’s vSphere. It’s a lightweight edge appliance that enables Talari’s Software Defined THINKING WAN capabilities to be installed by end users on commoditized hardware or embedded in a service offering from another vendor or service provider, giving the enterprise the power of choice in network infrastructure.

Talari Appliance T5200:

The Talari Appliance T5200 is a new appliance with support for 10G Fiber-Optic interfaces, expanding the deployment scale of data centers that can benefit from Talari’s solution. The Talari Appliance T5200 can serve the role of network controller for a Talari SD-WAN and has multiple high availability options including fail to glass ports, active/active high availability pairs and geographic redundancy.

Expanded cloud capabilities in Talari APN 4.4:

Talari has also released a new version of its Adaptive Private Networking (APN) software, Talari APN 4.4, which includes several new capabilities to support the increasing adoption of cloud within the enterprise. Customers now have the option of moving the Talari SD-WAN controller to the cloud, simplifying the management of the virtual WAN. Talari APN 4.4 also includes features to expand the control of traffic in the cloud, allowing Talari’s solutions to exercise more granular control over where SaaS and Internet traffic enters and exits the WAN edge.

Expanded security options in Talari APN 4.4:

With the growing concern around network security, Talari APN 4.4 strengthens the security profile of its SD-WAN deployments with the optional use of third-party certified FIPs compliant IPsec tunnels as the Talari virtual WAN connection. This enhancement is in addition to the 128-bit and 256-bit encryption that is already included in Talari’s SD-WAN solution, enabling Talari customers to choose the best security options for specific applications across a virtual connection overlaid on their existing infrastructure. 

All new products mentioned are available now from Talari or its channel partners. Talari APN 4.4 is available to existing customers at no cost. To schedule a demonstration at VMworld, contact Talari.

About Talari

Talari, the leading provider of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions, is changing the way companies think about, create and manage their WAN by giving the network brainwidth. Only Talari’s THINKING WAN proactively manages capacity, reliability and performance, packet by packet—to keep critical applications running, reduce costs and liberate IT to innovate new ways for the company to be brilliant. To learn more about Talari, visit www.talari.com.

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