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Realize the Future: Work from Anywhere with Zero Trust Security

Modernize IT and security through next-generation technologies such as Zero Trust that break through existing silos.

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During the challenging times in the last year and a half, some of our most important tools have been the modern technologies that keep us connected. Widespread access to the internet, combined with readily available devices of all shapes and sizes, enabled people all over the world to stay connected. Cloud services and apps, especially video conferencing, enabled us to work, attend school, and see friends and family. Simply put, the world had the right tools at the right time.

In the end user computing (EUC) space, we similarly benefited from having the right technologies—technologies that were mature and ready to help as the world started changing. Highly scalable virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) was critical in enabling remote work at many organizations. Users were able to be productive from a variety of devices thanks to unified endpoint management (UEM) technologies. And SaaS app federation technology meant that companies could quickly adopt new productivity and communications tools. For those of us who have been working in EUC for a long time, we were glad that these technologies were ready to serve.

At the same time, as organizations look to the future, they see that there is more work to do. Traditional network-centric management and security models are in tatters. This creates countless challenges around security and operational complexity, resulting in business risks and a sub-optimal user experience.

To truly embrace the future of work, it is clear that organizations need to better manage employee experience and reduce operational complexity. Most importantly, the best (and perhaps only) model for security in a distributed world is Zero Trust–which is commonly known as a security model that operates on the assumption that no device should be automatically trusted, even if it is connected to a managed corporate network. Embracing Zero Trust security requires multiple technologies, and putting the components together can be challenging for customers.

VMware Anywhere Workspace

VMware has the technologies needed to address the future of work from anywhere and embrace Zero Trust security. And now, we are bringing them together in our VMware Anywhere Workspace solution, which includes the capabilities of VMware Workspace ONE, VMware SASE and VMware Carbon Black.

For those that have long been familiar with our end user computing products, this approach is similar to the way we brought our VDI and UEM products together into Workspace ONE. Now, we are building on the success and importance of VDI, UEM and access, and extending it into a broader security proposition.

All the technologies in VMware Anywhere Workspace are recognized for their industry-leading innovations, but, together, our combined solution has a unique opportunity to help enable customers to manage multi-modal employee experience, secure the distributed edge using Zero Trust concepts and automate the workspace.

We have already seen the value of integrations among these platforms. Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of using VMware Horizon, our VDI solution, together with Workspace ONE. Now with VMware Workspace Security, VMware Carbon Black works with Workspace ONE UEM and VMware Horizon to provide better operational efficiency, visibility, control and remediation for security threats. And VMware Secure Access brings Workspace ONE Tunnel and Unified Access Gateway together with VMware SASE and SD-WAN, again bringing better visibility and combined benefits all the way down to the end point. Continued on the next page…

Most recently as part of VMware Anywhere Workspace, we have announced the general availability of Cloud Web Security, part of VMware SASE. This will enable customers with distributed workforces to better secure access to SaaS and web applications.

Partner Opportunity

We are excited that VMware Anywhere Workspace can offer such a broad and comprehensive solution to enable both work from anywhere and Zero Trust security.

Of course, we know that the transition to new technologies doesn’t happen overnight, that every customer is different, and that customers have many different projects on their paths to Zero Trust and other goals.

With VMware Anywhere Workspace, there is no need to move everything to a monolithic stack. Anywhere Workspace is flexible and designed to be modular, meeting customers where their needs are greatest today.

For partners, Anywhere Workspace is another key opportunity to be a trusted advisor on a wide variety of projects. Partners can help their customers assess the needs of their remote workforces and usher them through the digital transformation required to enable seamless, secure remote work. Many customers know they want to move to Zero Trust, but goals can range from broad initiatives to more defined projects like modern management, VPN replacement, conditional access, desktop and app virtualization, and more.

Crucially, the broad nature of VMware Anywhere Workspace brings opportunities to implement solutions across multiple technologies, bridging siloed teams within organizations. For example, VMware Workspace Security enables security teams to collaborate more closely with end user services teams, while also helping to consolidate disparate tools. Working across multiple technologies also creates a more strategic relationship for partners.

Truly, we have entered a new era of distributed work, with the resulting needs to manage employee experience, embrace a Zero Trust security model and leverage automation. VMware Anywhere Workspace and our partners have a great opportunity, and we are excited to realize the future.

To learn more, read about our VMware Anywhere Workspace Solutions.

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