Google Partner Cloud Sherpas Retaliates Against Microsoft FUD

Matthew Weinberger

December 12, 2011

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Google Partner Cloud Sherpas Retaliates Against Microsoft FUD

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Google may not have much interest in fighting back against Microsoft’s continual campaign of cloud FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), but it seems that Google Apps Authorized Resellers sure do. The latest example comes in the form of a lengthy blog entry by David Hoff, founder and SVP of technology for leading Google partner Cloud Sherpas, as he tears apart a Microsoft essay on Google Docs’ alleged lack of security point by point.

I won’t go over the entirety of Hoff’s indignant rebuttal. But his overall argument goes something like this: Google is continually investing in its security and policy plays, with SSL and two-factor authentication standing as proof positive. Meanwhile, Microsoft is relying on a very ’90s model of collaboration. Here, see for yourself:

“Simply stated, we believe Microsoft’s model for sharing and collaboration is broken. Once a document is sent as an attachment, the recipient has the choice to do whatever they want with the file. Microsoft Office isn’t based on centrally managed content; documents are created and edited locally on end-user machines. Microsoft’s Information Rights Management seems like a lose-lose proposition as documents aren’t any more secure and collaboration is strongly hindered.”

In other words, it’s only large enterprises that can afford Microsoft’s costly Information Rights Management (IRM) solutions for SharePoint and Exchange which can take advantage of granular security and control of the type that Google Docs offers — but Google Docs makes it available for everyone.

Hoff’s counter-rant is well worth a read, no matter which side of the great Google/Microsoft divide you sit on. And you should probably read Microsoft’s original, too. Draw your own conclusions, but from where I sit, Hoff and I can definitely agree on one thing: No one does propaganda like Microsoft.


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