Everybody Loves Cloud in Theory, Let’s Do Something About It in Reality

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November 1, 2013

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Everybody Loves Cloud in Theory, Let’s Do Something About It in Reality

According to most all credible research including Gartner, cloud computing promises economic advantages, speed, agility, flexibility, infinite elasticity and innovation—and at Tech Data, we too believe in that philosophy. So with so many obvious advantages, why aren’t more solution providers investing in and leading with the cloud?

Consider this question: We all love cloud in theory, but do we,in fact, really “get it”? I would assert that we’re not there yet. It’s a bold statement, but one that I’m willing to stand behind. In fact, I’ll take it one step further and say that the true success of cloud in the channel collectively depends on all of us—through our collective adoption and enablement. The sooner that we as an industry are educated and understand and embrace the value of cloud for the end user, the sooner we can begin to truly capitalize on everything that the cloud has to offer. The potential of cloud solutions is significant and multi-layered. We have, in fact, barely tapped the surface.

Gartner predicts that by 2016, the cloud computing market will top $200 billion annually. Yet some are still trying to play catch-up when it comes to capturing greater margin on cloud solutions packages. This has to do in large part with the fact that we haven’t focused enough on overall enablement. In a 2010 study, CompTIA found that 59 percent of end users and 64 percent of the channel thought that cloud computing needed clearer definitions. And in the three years since, we’re still far from reaching that much-needed level of greater transparency.

Tech Data is here to guide our channel partners and provide them the right solutions for their business—whether on premise or off—offering the best and newest resources to enable growth in their cloud practice. With partners including CompTIA, for example, the TDCloud business unit offers an educational platform that gives resellers access to valuable resources—enablement tools, research and templates—to help partners grow their business, streamline cloud operations and maximize profits. Resellers can take advantage of educational webinars, marketing and sales kits, sales guides and assessments and access to a 10-week guide pertaining to cloud, marketing and sales.

Admittedly, this is a journey—for all of us. At Tech Data, we’re committed and our mission is to ensure our partners’ success and offer a customer experience second to none. As an industry, we—vendors, distributors and resellers—must come together and commit to investing in the necessary resources or the larger potential of cloud solutions will never be realized.

The future of the cloud depends on providing the means and knowledge to fully apply cloud solutions. But to do it right, we need an “all-in” moment. We need vendors to invest dollars toward training and development, compensation and overall enablement. We need resellers/MSPs to make structural changes to their organizations and compensation, demonstrate their value and attain competency. The entire channel has to up its game, get committed and hum the same tune.

Tech Data wants your feedback. Please contact the TDCloud team at (800) 237-8931, ext. 87663, or [email protected].

Bharath Natarajan is director of TDCloud and Software Services at Tech Data. Guest blogs such as this one are published monthly, and are part of Talkin' Cloud's annual platinum sponsorship.

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