Previously, Bonitasoft customers had to run the Bonita digital process automation platform on their own.

Todd R. Weiss

July 2, 2019

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Bonitasoft is now offering a managed cloud version of its Bonita digital process automation platform for customers who don’t want to run the application on their own infrastructure, freeing users up to instead focus on building the no-code and low-code applications needed by their businesses.

The latest version, Bonita Platform 7.9, means that Bonitasoft customers can hand off the management of the open source-based application to Bonita, instead of in the past having to run it on their own on premises or in public clouds, Miguel Valdés Faura, Bonitasoft’s CEO and co-founder, told Channel Futures.


Bonitasoft’s Miguel Valdes Faura

“The customer was in charge of operating it in the past, so now we have proposed to operate it for them if they want us to do that,” said Faura. “Customers had started to ask us about doing this, to allow them to use it in their Amazon instances,” so that feature was added previously.

Customers then began asking Bonitasoft if the company could offer a service that would allow them to manage the application for customers, making it even simpler, he said.

“Those requests came from both customers and channel partners, but it started with customers, particularly in the U.S., said Faura.

The Bonita 7.9 open source digital process automation platform is a low-code application that allows businesses to build apps to automate and orchestrate their business workflow processes. The platform works in conjunction with a wide range of enterprise business applications through the use of more than 100 custom connectors, said Faura. Bonitasoft fully manages the new cloud version for customers including deployment, monitoring and management of applications and infrastructure. The offering also includes guaranteed scalability and proactive customer support, according to the company.

About 65% of Bonitasoft’s business is through the channel, while about 90% of its software implementations are done by channel partners, he said.

Bonita 7.9 also includes new capabilities for deeper DevOps integrations, including easier connectivity with Jenkins for continuous integration, Ansible for provisioning and to the popular Docker and Kubernetes container management platforms.

“This is what DevOps teams are using on an everyday basis, and we are making it very simple to use it with that,” said Faura.

The no-code capabilities of Bonita 7.9 have also been enhanced in the latest version, making it easier for non-technical users to create the tools they need for their work, said Faura.

“We have extended the capabilities for non-technical people to collaborate with professional developers to do this as well. We see ourselves as a low code platform for professional developers.”

Adam Korzeniowski, the vice president of sales for systems integrator and Bonitasoft partner, Evoke Technologies, said the company’s new managed cloud version of Bonita 7.9 streamline its sales, deployment and use for Evoke’s customers.


Evoke’s Adam Korzeniowski

“It’s a good thing for us as a partner because it takes the implementation risks away for us and improves the way we can work with the customers,” said Korzeniowski. “It makes our work easier.”

With the new managed cloud version, Evoke can now focus more on delivering value to the customers and solving their business problems, rather than having to worry about the stability or performance of the underlying software stack, he said.

“We don’t have to carry that liability of things happening behind the scenes,” he explained. “It speeds things up by a week or two rather than having to install software and tune the system on a customer’s infrastructure.”


Intellyx’s Jason Bloomberg

IT analyst Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx told Channel Futures that by adding the new managed cloud option for Bonita 7.9, the company is making it “dead simple” for businesses to start using its products.

“This new option gives partners and end-user customers greater flexibility with their deployment choices, especially as they are ramping up their deployment of Bonitasoft,” said Bloomberg. “Partners will be able to leverage Bonitasoft’s managed cloud option to provide a simple onramp to Bonitasoft’s platform, which will shorten sales cycles and expand the number of customers that partners can now target.”

Bonitasoft differentiates itself by offering a combination of on-premises deployment, cloud deployments in customers’ or partners’ choice of cloud, or through the managed cloud option, said Bloomberg.

“Also, as an open source vendor, Bonitasoft offers both free community and enterprise versions, thus providing additional flexibility to customers and partners.”

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