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Make time for marketing, from writing a blog to following up leads.

November 21, 2019

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Gassing Up

By Nate Freedman

By now, you’ve probably crafted the perfect marketing engine that is optimized with your business in mind. You’ve put a lot of time into making sure that your campaigns are set up correctly. You know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you’re speaking to the right audience in the right way at the right time. You’ve made sure that your LinkedIn profile and all other ancillary channels are professional as well as persuasive. All of these elements can finally come together to function as one, acting as a way to bring a steady stream of new clients to your business.

Or at least, that’s what’s supposed to happen. The reality, however, may not quite match up with that.

Sometimes when I spend time talking to the managed service provider business owners we’ve partnered with across North America, I see that they’ve failed to account for one simple, yet critical, concept. A surprisingly large amount of them have put a lot of time into building that marketing engine, but they’ve failed to take that next step — meaning that the engine itself isn’t actually driving anything, as thoughtfully designed as it may be.

An engine still needs fuel to function. Far too many MSP business owners are lacking that fuel, but it’s easier to come by than you think. In the end, it all comes down to a very basic concept — consistency.

You Can’t Get the Results Without Putting in the Time

We’ve found that consistency is perhaps the biggest ingredient to success when we run marketing campaigns. We absolutely understand that most of your day-to-day obligations are going to involve dealing with your clients, and that’s the way things should be.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that if you ignore your marketing and the work required to actually grow your business, in the end you’re doing everyone a disservice.

You need to establish a routine for yourself and you need to stick with it, day in and day out. Even when you don’t think you have time for it and especially when you don’t necessarily “feel like it.”

Consider steps like the following:

  • Set aside a specific block of hours every day to work on your business as opposed to in your business. Maybe you’ve got an hour and a half every morning that you can devote to your marketing work and general outreach efforts. Maybe that block would be better suited for the end of the day, after everything has calmed down. It doesn’t matter — find a block of time, no matter how large or small, and use it to work solely on your marketing. Make sure that everyone knows that this is the only thing you will be focused on during this period.

  • Delegate responsibility to create more time to focus on your marketing. You’re an entrepreneur, which means you have this deeply rooted instinct that says you should be doing as much as you can yourself. Believe me, I get it, but you’d be shocked by how much time you can free up in a day by simply handing off those tasks that you don’t absolutely need to do to someone who can more than handle the responsibility.

  • Make sure you finish what you start. Driving your marketing engine is less the product of one big move and is more about a series of smaller, more impactful ones. One day, you might devote your block of time to following up with prospects with whom you’ve already made contact. The next, you might use every last one of those minutes to reach out to a new crop of people on LinkedIn. The day after that you might spend writing blog posts. The point is, you’re never starting a new task until you finish the previous. You’re using deadlines to get your tasks done, as opposed to perfect.

All of these steps, when taken together, can …

… help clear the deck (and your schedule) to give you as much time as possible to focus on fueling that marketing engine you’ve already worked so hard to build. At that point, the next step becomes overwhelmingly clear: You need to sit down and actually do the work.

Ultimately, it’s as simple as that. Devote the time to fueling that engine. Once you accomplish that, your marketing engine will quickly begin to generate its own momentum, and that is a tremendously exciting position for any MSP business owner to be in.

Nate Freedman is the founder and owner of Tech Pro Marketing, where he helps MSPs give their marketing engines the fuel they deserve and generate consistent new leads. For more information, check out the free email course, Market Your MSP The Right Way. Follow Nate on LinkedIn.

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