Velostrata Makes Cloud Migration Software Generally Available

Velostrata says its technology decouples compute from storage – providing the first software that moves production workloads to the cloud in minutes, without changing the applications and without moving associated storage to the cloud.

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March 10, 2016

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Velostrata Makes Cloud Migration Software Generally Available

PRESS RELEASE — PALO ALTO, Calif. – March 10, 2016 – Today Velostrata, the cloud workload mobility company, announced general availability (GA) for the industry’s first software that removes the barriers to public cloud for business application workloads. Velostrata’s unique technology decouples compute from storage – providing the first software that moves production workloads to the cloud in minutes, without changing the applications and without moving associated storage to the cloud. Prior to the GA announcement, the product was in beta with large and mid-size enterprises who purchased the product after providing exceptional feedback about the agility, cost-saving, risk mitigation, and efficiency benefits of the Velostrata solution.

Despite the promise of public cloud to provide capacity on demand and better business agility, enterprises continue to struggle with complexity, costs, and risk associated with moving stateful business applications like ERP, OLTP or other production workloads with large data sets to the cloud. With Velostrata, customers are able to take advantage of the agility, scalability and cost-efficiency of the cloud, without the baggage of moving terabytes of stored data, while maintaining application performance.{ad}

Enterprises can now reduce their data center footprint and move business application workloads incrementally, on a temporary or long term basis, without application re-writes and complex conversions.  

“We recently purchased Velostrata after testing the technology with a number of different use cases and concluding that it performed extremely well,” said Chuck Wiggins, director of infrastructure at Guardian Industries Corp., a global manufacturing company. “At Guardian, we have a clear hybrid cloud vision that involves leveraging the public cloud to extend our private cloud on-demand for cost-efficiencies and enhanced agility, with minimal disruption to our IT operations. Velostrata’s unique ability to stream stateful production workloads to the cloud in minutes without replicating the storage to the cloud fits squarely with our vision and enables us to realize our hybrid cloud strategy for production workloads. The fact that Velostrata can do all this without sacrificing performance and without requiring any changes to our existing processes is game-changing for Guardian.”

How it Works

The patent-pending technology decouples compute (VMs) from storage (VMDKs) and provides intelligent streaming, optimization, multi-tier caching and data pre-fetching capabilities to ensure optimal performance despite the WAN latency between on-premises storage and compute in the cloud. In addition, Velostrata adapts the workloads on the fly to run natively on the target cloud platform.  Velostrata is deployed as virtual appliances and installation requires just a few easy steps. A Velostrata Data Center Edge virtual appliance is deployed in …


… the data center and Cloud Edge virtual appliances are automatically deployed in dual-node active-active configurations for scale and availability. The Cloud Edge appliances are deployed within a virtual private cloud (VPC), and all traffic between the data center and the cloud is encrypted end-to-end, in flight and at rest.

Velostrata’s management console is integrated into vCenter through a plug-in. Once installed, moving production workloads to and from the cloud is as simple as clicking VMs in vCenter and selecting “run in cloud” or “run on-premises.” Velostrata handles everything else – no changes to the applications, images or storage are required and the same management tools and processes may be used. Velostrata also provides extensive monitoring capabilities integrated into vCenter, as well as a REST API for integration with third-party management solutions.

“We see tremendous potential for improving agility and reducing costs with Velostrata,” said Dave Kluger, CTO at Storcom, “The speed, performance and simplicity of moving workloads to and from the cloud with Velostrata is unparalleled in our experience. And of course, the ability to leave the storage on-premises has huge cost-saving implications as well. Velostrata’s approach is truly innovative and we are excited about the GA announcement.”

“This GA release of our flagship product is result of hard engineering work and stands as a pivotal milestone for cloud workload mobility,” said Issy Ben-Shaul, CEO and co-founder at Velostrata. “The outstanding feedback and support we received from our beta customers has validated that our approach is unique to the industry and highly cost-effective. Even more exciting is that many of our beta customers discovered new use cases for our technology we hadn’t previously considered. All of our beta customers tested performance extensively, and we could not be more pleased with the results. In most cases, performance was on par with on-premises performance and in certain cases it even improved with Velostrata thanks to extensive optimizations developed in our product.”

Availability and Pricing

Velostrata software is priced using an annual subscription model based on the number of VMs. The minimum purchase is a 50 VM bundle at an annual list price of $40,000. Velostrata currently supports vSphere in the data center and AWS as the cloud target, but support for additional clouds will be coming soon. For more information or to request a demo of the product, simply go to: Join a live webinar on March 18 for an architecture overview and demonstration of the product.  

About Velostrata
Velostrata is the cloud workload mobility company. With Velostrata software, enterprises can move even production workloads to the public cloud in minutes, while controlling and automating where data resides. With Velostrata, moving workloads to the cloud becomes simple, fast, cost-effective, and low risk. Velostrata uniquely decouples compute (VMs) from storage (VMDKs), and provides a way to run production workloads in the public cloud, without requiring any changes to workflow or sacrificing performance, all at the click of a button. Velostrata is backed by Norwest Venture Partners and 83 North (formerly Greylock Partners IL), and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with research and development in Israel. For more information, visit

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