The Internet of Things: MSP Challenges and Solutions

We’ve all heard of the internet of Things, or IoT. It’s almost a passé term now. However, it is definitely real and not going away … ever.

July 31, 2017

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We’ve all heard of the internet of Things, or IoT. It’s almost a passé term now. However, it is definitely real and not going away … ever.

The internet of things means that practically everything is connected now–smart devices, vehicles, buildings and items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and IT networks. This wide-ranging connectivity enables all of these objects to collect and exchange voluminous amounts of data. This–in theory–is a beautiful thing, except when it comes to the following three very real and very serious challenges that all MSPs must start tackling … right now.

1. Security

How do I protect all of the data collected in my IoT environment?

Integrating a private data center with the public cloud creates an extensible infrastructure. As long as the proper security precautions are implemented, this approach can be as secure as any private data center, while delivering on all of the public cloud benefits. Creating a hybrid cloud results not only in the ability to deploy IoT applications when and where they are needed, but it can also create the redundancy necessary for data backup and disaster recovery. When combining innovative cloud data center resources and security control, cloud delivers secure, cost-effective solutions that are ideal for managing the expanding demands of today’s technology-based ecosystem.

2. Managing the Data

What am I going to do with all this data that’s piling up higher and higher every day?

Because of the exponential explosion of IoT, many companies are developing a plan to migrate big data and analytics from their existing data centers to the cloud. Cloud is a great solution for keeping up with the data coming in, as well as ensuring the expected 24/7 availability of IoT applications. Cloud also allows companies to efficiently support IoT by having the flexibility to respond with just-in-time provisioning. And, finally, integrating cloud-based IoT resources with the private cloud infrastructure creates a strategic hybrid deployment.

3. Staffing and Workloads

Since cloud has different requirements than traditional network infrastructures, how do I find the right technicians to handle the new and always-changing demands of cloud?

IoT demands a new type of partner–one with skills in areas far beyond yesterday’s hardware and software sales and installation skills. IoT is setting the tone today and now demands that staffing has expertise in big data and analytics combined with hybrid cloud skills and vertical expertise. Understanding your customers’ needs, managing the technology solutions and then exceeding those expectations allows MSPs to set the stage for client success. 

Long-Term Success for MSPs

The agile, flexible and secure cloud–with its ability to bring to fruition the full value of IoT products and services–is perfectly suited to be the backbone of any IoT integration solution. A managed services model gives you the opportunity to provide a solution that makes your client more successful and helps you establish a better business relationship–thus leading to long-term success.

Partnering With Arrow

When you partner with Arrow, you can transform your business from concept to creation. We are the only company that offers comprehensive support from the initial design of a sensor through end-of-life; we have the tools, resources and knowledge to support your next IoT project. Additionally, we can enable you to improve customer efficiencies, reach new customer segments, and optimize your processes through cloud assessments and bundled solutions to offer a complete and well-defined answer to any IoT project.

Contact Us

For more information about IoT, cloud and our distribution solutions, please contact Arrow ECS at 877.558.6677 or [email protected].

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