AirWatch: Office 365 & Google Apps Mobile Device Management

AirWatch: Office 365 & Google Apps Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) exampleHow can you manage mobile devices running Office 365, Google Apps and other cloud applications? AirWatch, a smartphone and mobile device management specialist, thinks it has the answer. Indeed, AirWatch has launched a mobile device management solution for Microsoft BPOS-D, Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail cloud services.

AirWatch claims its mobile security solution capabilities:

  • Manage and configure all devices over-the-air
  • Block or allow classes of devices and users
  • Automatically enforce compliance and policies
  • Enforce a line between user account and device
  • Limit the number of devices per user
  • Selectively wipe data
  • Gain visibility into BPOS-D, Office 365 or Gmail ActiveSync deployments.
AirWatch already supports Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone and Windows 7 devices. AirWatch's announcement came almost simultaneous to Zenprise's announcement that it now provides mobile device management for a host of tables and smartphones.

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