Novell Releases ZENworks Application Virtualization 9

Novell, which was acquired by Attachmate in November 2010, has released version 9 of its ZENworks Application Virtualization solution. Here's a quick list of some of the new features included in version 9, provided by Novell.

The lineup includes:

  • Offline Streaming Support - Novell provides the fastest adaptive application streaming in the industry and now offers the ability for streaming applications to be executed without a persistent web connection.
  • "Juke-Boxing" - Reducing the time and hassle associated with downloading multiple sub-products that aren't being used in an enterprise, "Juke-Boxing" affords the ability to launch individual products from within a single application stream for suite applications.
  • Application Control - Ensuring IT can maintain compliance with its license agreements, portable virtualized applications can now be configured to only execute for users who meet defined criteria, such as Microsoft Active Directory membership or if the device is being managed by ZENworks.
But the biggest difference between ZENworks Application Virtualization 9 and previous versions is that it allows IT service providers and corporate IT departments to harvest applications and then tap into a library of resources that they have created themselves over time. That, according to Novell, will help MSPs and IT staffs to save time when building virtual applications.

Version 9 also comes with a portfolio of  web-based, pre-tested, pre-built templates that MSPs can use to build virtual applications. In the end, the goal is to dramatically slash the manual labor typically needed to configure virtual apps. And since the templates are web-based, MSPs don't need to upgrade their version of ZENworks Application Virtualization whenever they need to update an application.

The release of ZENworks Application Virtualization 9 comes just over six months after Attachmate CEO Jeff Hawn reaffirmed Atacchmate's committment to continue developing Novell's legacy business, which includes GroupWise and ZENworks.

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