The Fastest Growing Managed Service to Attach to FortiGates

October 25, 2023

The Fastest Growing Managed Service to Attach to FortiGates

Date: Oct 25, 2023

As businesses’ access to technology becomes easier and they continue to adopt it at blistering speeds, their security is challenged with keeping up. They turn to partners for help, but those partners are experiencing the same staffing issues as their clients. Partners find it difficult to meet their clients’ expectations of a more comprehensive and mature service provider experience while attempting to regulate their own employee burnout.

Your partners need help. They need an immediate infusion of the best practices of specialists skilled in suppliers like Fortinet’s. Specialists that are also capable of effectively acting on the logs and alerts provided to them by the FortiGates they’ve implemented. They need to quickly cut through the noise, act only when needed and harden the FortiGate as environments change.

Fortinet’s FortiGuard SOCaaS (security operation center-as-a-service) is a managed service offering that aims to be the lifeline partners need to: 

  • Recapture your employees’ time: Leverage Fortinet's own security team to fully or partially monitor your clients' FortiGate logs and alerts 24x7. Having bandwidth freed up enables partners to evaluate and improve existing offerings , go after more lucrative opportunities and more effectively market and sell to new segments.

  • Respond only to events when you need to — and with guidance from experts: While Fortinet's security team works in the background, partners retain their client relationships. If we find something, we will alert the partner in as little as 15 minutes with detailed information on what has happened, its impact and steps to remediate. An intuitive dashboard provides detailed information and a live chat function for additional support.

  • Track results and improve over time: Customizable reporting allows partners to track improvement over time and meet with Fortinet experts quarterly to discuss SLA performance and tips for improving policies and reducing long-term noise.


Joel Boyd

Director of SMB Solutions


Joel Boyd has over 20 years in sales and product marketing with experience selling at CDW, SHI, ImmixGroup, and Oracle before transitioning into product marketing at Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, and Fortinet.

He's also the author of multiple research studies focused on the SMB market and the impact complexity has as they grow. You can often find him on stage at SMB and partner conferences educating audiences on how best to tackle the market based on the latest trends and competitive angles.

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