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Now is the time for security pros to add and improve cyber skills.

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We’ve mastered the art of working remotely, so there’s no better time to turn our attention toward some mind-stimulating exercises to improve our cyber skills.

Beyond Complacency Lies Opportunity

We are living in extraordinary times, but that does not mean we should stop learning, growing or improving our cyber minds. Tech Data understands this need for continued education. Therefore, we now offer virtual training classes to grow new cybersecurity talent and significantly improve the cyber skills of existing security professionals by offering remote access to:

  • Capture the Flag (CTF) Events – CTF games offer a series of challenges, based on real-world security incidents, that require you to exercise a variety of different skillsets to resolve the issue. In addition to being fun, the experience is highly educational and professionally rewarding. Novice players get to exposure to the world of cybersecurity, and mid-level players get to broaden their defense skills to address different types of attacks utilizing their own systems.

Tech Data recently conducted a virtual CTF red team/blue team games for Pima Community College and the University of Texas computer science students, who turned in all 92 flags. What we heard from them was that they didn’t realize how much they didn’t know. It’s one thing to know something in your head, it’s quite another to experience it firsthand.

  • Incident Response Exercises – Incident Response exercises are designed to simulate real-world cyber incidents and allows participants to work through the experience using either their own playbook, runbook or IR strategy.

Participants who complete this training will gain a better understanding of their own incident response plans by testing how well or not so well those plans would stand up against a real-world incident.

Everyone in your security pipeline—from your C-suite down to the technicians—should participate in these unique exercises. Through a live simulation of multiple cyberattacks, you’ll experience the threat of a crisis firsthand. Every aspect of your cybersecurity arsenal is tested. At the end of the day, you’ll see where your gaps are and be better prepared for an attack—with no impact to your environment.

  • Training Courses – We now offer multiple cyber training options. Participants can learn practical cybersecurity skills through instructor-led remote or self-service training. They can also join immersive, instructor-led Cyber Attack Missions, featuring a specific type of cyber attack, that puts their detection, investigation or remediation skills to the test. Our Tech Data Cyber Range team can even tailor course content to your specific objectives.

Ready to boost your cyber skills virtually? Click here to get started or contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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