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MSP 501 Profile: NexusTek’s New CEO Preaches the Importance of Empowering Customers

MSP 501 winner NexusTek talks about their services footprint, SMB growth and understanding customer needs.

Allison Francis

August 9, 2019

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Company Name: NexusTek
Company MSP 501 Rank: 22
CEO: Bill Wosilius
Headquartered: Greenwood Village, Colorado
Primary Services:

Twitter: @NexusTek

One of the MSP 501’s high-climbers, NexusTek, has announced a new chief executive officer. The managed IT services provider, No. 22 on our list and the Channel Futures 2018 MSP of the Year, introduced Bill Wosilius as its new chief executive this week.


NexusTek’s Bill Wosilius

Wosilius brings more than 20 years of experience to NexusTek and an impressive track record of building successful IT services practices by accelerating growth and profitability. In this new role, Wosilius will focus on upholding and furthering NexusTek’s reputation for providing small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) with reliable, end-to-end outsourced managed IT services. And, most importantly, taking the complexity out of managed IT services.

“We want to help businesses harness the full power of technology,” says Wosilius. “We take the burden of optimizing and managing complex IT environments off customers, freeing them to reallocate their time and energy on growing their business.”

Here, Wosilius talks about SMB growth, their services footprint and what it takes for service providers to understand what their customers need.

Channel Futures: In the coming year, where do you see your biggest growth areas? 

Bill Wosilius: Small and medium-size businesses are the fastest growing segment of our economy, but most lack the internal IT resources and dedicated personnel to maintain – much less optimize – cloud and IT environments. Business-decision makers in fast-moving industries need technology and communications services that are always available, scalable, secure, intuitive and low-maintenance, but instead find themselves constrained by outdated IT and a web of vendors with disparate platforms, discrete billing cycles and costly, yet unresponsive support.

Simply put, small and medium-size businesses just want IT to work so they can focus on running their business. They need predictability and transparency for both costs and the services they’re paying for. Complexity is the enemy of productivity, scalability and growth.

Unlike smaller, local MSPs, NexusTek is not limited by technology nor geography. Our national services footprint allows us to scale with customers in regional markets across the U.S. and Canada. NexusTek offers a single partner with comprehensive cloud, managed IT services, help desk, data backup, disaster recovery and unified communications services to transform IT from a vulnerable bottleneck to an efficient, flexible and scalable utility. Our team of more than 300 IT consultants, engineers and support specialists provide end users with [around-the-clock] monitoring of their IT environments and proactive responses to issues for a fixed monthly fee.

Patch management, for example, is one of many glaring problems that businesses must address — and that NexusTek helps them solve. Failure to deploy patches in a timely manner leave networks and devices vulnerable. In addition, the continued rise of remote workers and freelancers in small business environments exacerbate this problem by connecting to company networks via unsecured connections and using their own devices.

Patches, by definition, are a piece of material used to mend or cover a hole or a weak spot. As such, unpatched holes in a business’ IT environment are a major concern. For example, with Microsoft Windows 7 nearing EOL, thousands of businesses that keep using the platform past its “expiration date” will find themselves in …

… an unenviable position. NexusTek Patching Services ensure updates never impact workforce productivity. Mission-critical systems require 100% uptime, and as such cannot be taken offline for a patch. Patched and unpatched systems are monitored to keep attackers from capitalizing on vulnerabilities that emerge as critical tools and applications are updated.

Over the next 12 or so months, our growth will depend on our ability to consistently help businesses harness the full power of technology by combining [around-the-clock] monitoring and complete visibility across infrastructure, applications, networks and endpoints, regardless of deployment model, through a single “pane of glass.”

CF: With growth comes different levels of competition. How does NexusTek differentiate itself from other MSPs?

BW: NexusTek’s defining characteristic is customer service excellence in local markets across North America. We are dogged in our pursuit of empowering customers with the flexibility and freedom to run their businesses efficiently and profitably, without interruption or surprises.

Limited neither by technology nor geography, NexusTek’s services footprint spans markets across the U.S. and Canada. In addition to expanding our demographic footprint, NexusTek has also invested considerable resources in cloud services, infrastructure, energy-efficient data centers with over 1PB of storage, and innovative storage, data backup and recovery, and other IT solutions to support an install base of 40,000 seats under management.

Our team of more than 300 IT consultants, engineers and support specialists provide end users with [around-the-clock] monitoring of their IT environments and proactive responses to issues for a fixed monthly fee. Our customers know exactly what services they’re getting, and how much it costs.

Providing companies with knowledgeable IT professionals, one of NexusTek’s many distinct value propositions, is realized by combining regional and local support with a national footprint, redundancy and infrastructure. Working with NexusTek brings peace of mind; our customers know they’ve partnered with an elite managed IT services provider that has the team and breadth of technology to support every operational touchpoint, in any deployment, including on-premises, public, hybrid, managed hosted and multicloud environments. NexusTek supports customers from coast to coast by combining regional and local support with a national footprint, redundancy and infrastructure.

CF: What does true service provider support mean to you? For NexusTek, what is at the heart of your approach?

BW: What’s important for all service providers is to genuinely understand what their customers need. We know that SMBs are plagued by fragmented offerings, complex pricing and a lack of skilled IT personnel, and that the only way to truly support them is to simplify managed IT services and by removing ambiguity with costs.

With fixed-monthly, per-user pricing, NexusTek customers can leverage helpdesk, backup, disaster recovery, dedicated engineers, security, [around-the-clock] remote support and network monitoring services while creating predictable IT budgets. As mentioned earlier, complexity is the enemy of productivity, scalability and growth.

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