TeamLogic IT Promotes Network Box Managed Security Services

TeamLogic IT Promotes Network Box Managed Security Services

TeamLogic IT, the the IT services franchise, plans to promote managed security services from Network Box USA to SMB customers. The solutions include a unified threat management (UTM) appliance; network operations centers (NOCs) that monitor and manage the UTM appliances; and push-oriented security response software.

TeamLogic IT is a nationwide provider of IT management solutions for SMBs. Network Box USA, meanwhile, focuses full-time on managed security services.

"TeamLogic IT brings advanced business solutions to small and medium customers," Network Box USA Chief Technology Officer Pierluigi Stella said. "These companies, as small as they might be, face the same security issues of any large enterprise; but they can't afford the resources that are necessary to mount a solid defense against the attacks that may come to them from the Internet. Hackers are realizing that there is a lot of treasure in these companies." Stella noted that 99 percent of banks in the United States are community banks, and that hackers are turning  against these smaller companies rather than attacking larger ones because hackers know their security measures are not as advanced.

Network Box USA hopes to bring enterprise-level security solutions to small banks and other SMBs. The company's managed Internet security solution is built upon the following three layers that the company says are essential to protecting a network.

  1. A unified thread management (UTM) appliance that includes firewall, intrusion protection and prevention, anit-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing, and anti-spyware.
  2. Network Operation Centers (NOCs) to manage and monitor those Network Box UTMs
  3. A network response solution that pushes a malware signature or security patch through regional NOCs when they become available.
"Network Box brings to these companies enterprise security they can afford," Stella continued. "For example, our product incorporates two IPSs in line with the firewall. If you purchase those for an enterprise, prices would start at $100K. With Network Box, this same technology is offered at a very low cost to anyone."

TeamLogic IT, he added, has recognized that security is a service requires 24 x7 x 365 coverage. Hence the partnership, which will bring enterprise security to their small and medium business customers at a price they can afford, Stella asserted.
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