SonicWALL Enhances Managed IT Security Partner Program

SonicWALL Enhances Managed IT Security Partner Program

SonicWALL LogoA new SonicWALL MSP Advantage Program seeks to help partners drive IT security sales and monthly recurring revenues. The effort includes FlexSpend, the SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) and the potential to create multiple revenue streams. Here's how.

According to SonicWall, MSPs are usually required to make large upfront annual investments for  security licenses. SonicWALL says FlexSpend bucks that trend. FlexSpend is designed to make IT security billing easier and more flexible while cutting a portion of an MSPs initial upfront investment and operating costs. It's only available to SonicWALL Gold and Silver MSP partners who are also part of the MSP Advantage Program. These partners can accumulate a type of currency called FlexSpend Credits, with which they can procure SonicWALL's services on a monthly basis rather than annually.

Meanwhile, the SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS) centrally manages all SonicWALL solutions more efficiently. That includes monitoring, policy and compliance reporting and data protection.

The idea is that FlexSpend and GMS combined will make it easier for SonicWALL's MSP partners to access all of the company's solutions and products. That, in turn, will create more revenue streams for MSPs, according to Senior Director of North America Channels Vince Massey.

"The program reduces upfront cost and improves monthly cash-flow. The combined benefits of FlexSpend, GMS and the depth and breadth of our solutions and services create a clear advantage for managed service providers," Massey said.

SonicWALL's partner programs continue to march forward, despite the departure of former Director of Channel Marketing Ted Hulsy, who joined eFolder in July as VP of marketing. Hulsy played a key role in creating  recurring revenue options for VARs and MSPs.


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