InMage Promotes Cloud Optimized Infrastructure

InMage Promotes Cloud Optimized Infrastructure

InMage, which specializes in disk-based disaster recovery solutions, has sharpened the company's cloud computing focus. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company has launched a so-called "cloud-optimized infrastructure" for customers and partners. Here's how InMage is positioning the offering.

Here's the setup: You're a cloud provider and you decide to use InMage inside your infrastructure. The InMage technology includes so-called Cloudbursting -- virtual server technology that allows you to start up or shut down application services on demand. Taking that example one step further, InMage claims its cloud-optimized infrastructure supports:

  • Continuous data protection
  • Application snapshot API integration
  • Asynchronous replication
  • Automated application recovery (failover/failback)
  • Integrated WAN optimization
  • Storage capacity optimization
  • Disk-based recovery
Eric Burgener, senior VP of marketing at InMage, elaborated...
“In InMage’s view, cloudbursting is an emerging killer app for cloud-based services. It adds an application flavor to the mix of on-demand services in a way that didn’t exist before. Cloud providers that can provision server, storage, and network resources on demand can now offer a broader set of tiered services that allow end users to “burst” into and out of the cloud as necessary to address disaster recovery and business continuity requirements...without any impact to capital budgets.”
InMage stressed they provide a "flexible licensing" that compliments the "elastic expansion/contraction" of cloud services and cloudbursting, all while accommodating unique billing implications.

Ultimately, InMage sees three use cases for its cloud-optimized infrastructure. According to a press release, the use cases are:
  • Disaster recovery - Cloudbursting, through its ability to quickly provision large numbers of virtual servers, allows cloud providers to offer DR and business continuity services.
  • Administration - Cloudbursting can offer the same support that an in-house test environment does without the infrastructure management headaches and costs.
  • Production Offloads - Enterprises can bring up additional application servers within the cloud to meet seasonal demands without having to expand in-house infrastructure.
No doubt, plenty of storage-centric software companies and service providers are touting similar benefits of the cloud. We'll be watching to see if InMage stands out from the crowd.

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