Company Overview: Untangle is an open source software company committed to untangling the complexities of technology. It’s flagship product, the Untangle Gateway Platform, makes it easier for MSPs to stay on top of real-time event information from virus outbreaks, spam surges, the latest social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) and more by integrating seamlessly with MSP platforms like Level Platforms & Kaseya.

Untangle offers the industry’s most flexible MSP partner program with no up-front costs, flexible pricing models, market development funds, product re-branding and much higher margins than the hardware appliance vendors. Untangle software runs on standard Intel/AMD compatible hardware and VMware, giving MSPs the additional flexibility to use the hardware of their choice. For convenience, Untangle does offer pre-installed servers, which can also be acquired with no up-front cost through Untangle’s Hardware-as-a-Service program. Untangle's applications are currently being used in thousands of businesses in a variety of industries, including financial services, law offices, real estate, education, bio-science, and professional services. Untangle is headquarted in San Mateo, California.

Product Description: Untangle is an open source security gateway for small businesses and the managed service providers that serve them. Blocking spam, viruses, spyware and inappropriate websites like porn, gambling or Myspace are a snap with Untangle. And by selecting the best open source software, Untangle can offer enterprise quality products at inexpensive prices that any small business can afford. Untangle turns open source “projects” into best-of-breed products.

Untangle’s GUI is based on a “virtual rack” metaphor and is very easy to use, but advanced users still have the flexibility to drop down to the command line or even modify the source code. Additional management features like logging, reporting and integration with Active Directory, Level Platforms and Kaseya make Untangle the best security gateway for MSPs. In addition to the basics like Firewall, Router, VPN and IPS, popular applications running on the Untangle platform include:

  • Spam Blocker – Leverages SpamAssassin, Vipul’s Razor & Fuzzy OCR to block spam on smtp, pop & imap, with quarantines for each mailbox and great reporting.
  • Spyware Blocker – Leverages ClamAV and an extensive block list of websites that distribute malware.
  • Web Filter – Enables administrators to block websites by category (porn, gambling, social networking, etc.), by URL, and even by file extension (.exe, .mp3. etc.) or MIME type.
  • Virus Blocker – Leverages ClamAV to block viruses over http, ftp, smtp, pop and imap.
  • Remote Access Portal – A clientless SSL-VPN that makes supporting mobile workers and remote IT administration easy by integrating seamlessly with remote desktop protocols and Microsoft’s Active Directory.
A complete list of applications can be found here.
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